Saturday, June 18, 2011

Corapi - The words of a disgruntled employee/business owner.

Corapi's announcement sounds and reads like a disgruntled employee's desperate attempt to defend his work history, defame and blame his management for his failings, and reinvent himself by the launch of a new business.  I find it ironic that the unidentified female former employee who initiated the 'morals' investigation was referred to as a disgruntled employee by Corapi's media company, and as Corapi lamented, she's the 'one for whom I did so much'.
I've received a few emails asking what I think of Corapi's statement.  I haven't ever changed my mind about him since the accusations first surfaced.    His recent announcement and public reaction have been fairly predictable.  In my opinion, the announced continuation of the 'business' under a new name is typical SOP by for-profit evangelists.  Unfortunately, when the money comes in, the Spirit goes out.
I'm just responding to Corapi's announcement here, his statement and my reaction means nothing - both are simply personal opinions.  Instead I will wait to hear what the Bishop has to say on Corapi's status as a priest, and possibly what his religious superiors have to say regarding the investigation.  Then there is something to discuss.


  1. Agreed. I know this qualifies as big news, but several blogs out there seem to have rushed like teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert to report on this a bit prematurely, IMHO. We still don't know what we don't know, and speculation on this matter treads closely to the line of gossip and detraction.

    Your approach is the correct one.

    That being said, I am praying for all involved, that God in His infinite wisdom and mercy and justice, bring Good out of this.

  2. His statement regarding the process used for investigation is completely correct.

    As to the rest of it? It's none of my business.

    Certain "high-end" Catholic bloggers, such as Mark Shea, posted reprehensibly nasty and vile articles, reminding me once again why I don't read most "Catholic" blogs anymore.

    When I posted a comment similar to my opening statement of this comment, they proceeded to pile on me.

    Arrogance, thy name is "professional Catholic."

  3. When I was a new Catholic His Cathecism of the Catholic church series on Sunday evenings on EWTN and his assorted other shows on various topics were key to cementing my understanding of the faith. His teachings are structurally sound and reached ot to me in a way I could understand. I would not be where I am at today without them.

    I watched his video a couple of times last night. It sounds alot like when you get into trouble in the military ..oftentimes you are guilty until proven innocent.

    If he is innocent--it is pretty pathetic to this that ONE anonymous individual who has an axe to grind can destroy a man's life and his priesthood.

    I am keeping this entire situaiton in prayers. God Bless you Fr Corapi, you ARE a priest forever.


  4. As always, Terry, I find your take on things refreshing and reasonable. Likewise, for Larry's comment above. It seems that what is needed most right now is prayer, which has the most power in the situation anyway. God knows all and will make all things fresh and beautiful for His glory in every confusing ash heap.

  5. I wasn't going to watch the video, as I'd read the statement. But a friend sent me the link during a chat so I clicked on it.

    I felt an overwhelming sense of evil and dread watching that thing. It literally scared me, in the broad daylight, with cartoons on in the background.

    Is he TRYING to scare people?
    And by the way, I don't NEED a sheepdog, I have a SHEPHERD. And if I DO need a sheepdog, Pope Benedict 16 is doing a fine job in that department.

    I don't LIKE people who try to scare me.

  6. As I listened to Corapi's words I thought he sounded like a different man - something strange in his delivery.

  7. It did not sound like Fr Corapi at all..

  8. "I felt an overwhelming sense of evil and dread watching that thing. It literally scared me, in the broad daylight, with cartoons on in the background".

    Cathy: I had exactly the same reaction. What was w/ those creepy sheep/dogs? a top the Christ like figure? Truly, it seemed somehow demonic.

  9. I have no desire to engage in gossip or speculation, but I do think this serves as a wake-up call to other priests to make a thorough examination of how they are living their lives and carrying out their ministries. Jesus Christ was not a swashbuckler and neither should his priests be. Trouble has its own way of finding us all that we shouldn't unnecessarily expose ourselves to its grips, especially priests.


    Sounds like those "Anonymous" videos of the anti-Scientology groups, and also like the 9/11 Truther video people. Modulated voices.

    Also, I'm no farmer, but that's NOT a sheepdog. It's a wolf.



    Not sure why it took me so long. I'm slow that way.
    I still feel off-kilter, even a few hours AFTER watching that. Just --- off.

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  12. That is an amazing art piece of the sheepdog and its reflections in its eye reflects the sheep it is to protect, the other eye reflects the wolves that are out to get the sheep.

    the black dog, cast aside, but still feels a duty to protect the sheep he was entrusted with from the circling wolves..

    Also the scary wolf appearance??? Here in the American West wolf/dog Hybrids are often used as guard dogs for ranches and mom had one on her farm growing up. They are definitely not family pets. Maybe there is a sbutle allusion there...


  13. If he were a "liberal" priest, this comment box would look very different.

  14. My first impressions at the "blacksheepdog" logo:

    Wolf in sheep's (shepherd's?)clothing

    A still from a movie about the devil


    My impression when I listened to the audio:

    Oh no, he's going rogue...I hope this isn't gonna be a new 'sect' of Catholicism coming on the know there will be folks ready to leave the fold and follow his new brand of faith.

  15. Annie of Ohio2:00 PM

    I'm just a nobody but I was horrified by the reprehensible comments some people have made on other blogs. I was going to comment but the comments were closed by then. Mark Shea and Elizabeth Scalia have made a name for themselves by baiting people on their blogs and then standing back and gleefully watching the eye gouging and back stabbing.

    Here is what I was going to post:

    I am just a nobody but all along I am still feeling that there is something more to this, that part of it is a terrible hoax designed to show just how hateful Catholics really are to each other.

    The irregularities about the new web site, etc. bother me. There are, after all, people who make a living sounding like famous people, which is where those famous sounding voices on some commercials come from.

    I am waiting for the truth. We all need to wait and stop judging. Put your stones down and pick up your rosaries and Chaplets of Divine Mercy.

  16. If he were a "liberal" priest, this comment box would look very different.

    My thoughts precisely Thom!
    When the news first broke that Fr C had been suspended, one of the British catholic bloggers, ordinarily not at all shy of dissing the bishops "magic circle" and the liberal cabal who run Westminster, posted about this.
    When I commented that Fr Corapis recent change of appearance had made me think that something was perhaps adrift, my comment was deleted.
    The reason given was that it might be the sin of detraction.
    I would have found that a more reasonable objection were it not for the fact that, given the criticism levelled at the "wrong" sort of priest on this same blog, it seemed like a double standard to me.

  17. Mark Shea and Elizabeth Scalia have made a name for themselves by baiting people on their blogs and then standing back and gleefully watching the eye gouging and back stabbing.

    Annie: And then, always self righteous call for charity. You could not be more correct.


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