Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Yes.  I actually got up to watch it on television.
I was very impressed.  It wasn't at all stuffy, rather it was youthful, joyful and inspiring.  Any fears about the state of their souls due to the fact the bride and groom had been 'domestic partners' before sanctifying their union in Holy Matrimony, dissolved for me by the religious commitment of their wedding vows, blessed by their church.  I appreciated very much how the ministers emphasized the true character and meaning of marriage between man and wife.  For once, after so many years of dysfunction, the Royal Family actually looked happy and seemed to be at ease amongst their British subjects.  The whole event emphasized the importance of family, fidelity, and duty, bound together by cords of genuine love.  As such it seem to me a lovely prelude to the beatification of Venerable John Paul II this Sunday.
(Yes, I felt bad considering how Westminster was once Roman Catholic, but I trust that will be remedied in God's own time.)


  1. +JMJ+

    I didn't see the actual wedding because it coincided with my usual evening Mass. =P But I got home in time for the highly anticipated kiss on the balcony, and thought it was just lovely.

    Once "THEY KISSED" started trending on Twitter, a bunch of people started tweeting that they didn't know what the big deal was. It wasn't a particularly passionate kiss; the couple had already done much more together; etc. But the cold corners of my rotten heart were warmed nonetheless by that "youthful, joyful and inspiring" spirit you noticed as well. The whole spectacle was a beautiful reminder of how simple true romance actually is. And judging by the mocking tweets alone, that's a reminder we sorely need!

    Joshua just posted about the "cultural whiplash" we moderns must feel when we read about romantic love in the novels of Jane Austen and Leo Tolstoy. This royal wedding was a shot in the arm to a world in which hook-ups have become nothing to blink at. I'd end this with a hope that it will have some wide and long-lasting effects, but I'd rather go on being a cynic predicting the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

  2. Does she have the same similarity with Lynda Carter aka Wonder Woman?

  3. God will not bless anything that begins in mortal sin.

    Also, fake Prince, fake priest, and fake vows do not a marriage make.

    Never buy a cow that gives free milk.


  4. Michael - you underestimate both God and his mercy.

    I have more faith in Him than that!

  5. Long live the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

  6. Caught snippets of the wedding--wasn't Kate's dress JUST TO DIE FOR?? She was absolutely stunning, what a sense of style.

    Also saw a photo of Miss Posh and her hubby attending the festivities..although I myself wouldn't wear black to a wedding she made it work....loved her hat and THOSE 4 INCH HEELS...yikkers... not anymore for this old mare..

    May God Bless their union....I will keep them in my prayers especially Miss Kate as the press can be brutal. They were absolutely horrible to Fergie when she would put on a few pounds...


  7. Terry, you are just, well, indescribable!
    God bless this union, even if it was in the midst of all kinds of whatever.
    The English Royalty, whether or not one ascribes to Divine ascent, is something to consider..."Our Lady's Dowry" England is called.
    The Catholic element, present in the Spencer line, may indeed, have a real influence upon future events.
    Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for us!
    English Martyrs, pray for us!

  8. 4" my butt. those were 5"+ heels. and a bit of a platform, if i'm not mistaken. looked like royal blue to me, too. had to work today so i only caught still photos. i'll wait till it comes out on dvd. ;)

  9. "...Michael - you underestimate both God and his mercy..."

    God allows Hell.


  10. michael r.7:38 PM

    I only caught the very last part of the Westminster ceremony. They have to get the award for the most stunning wedding couple ever! Never mind the state of their souls for having lived together for most of the past nine years; the wedding took place in a church that was stolen from the Catholic Church, in front of the fake head of the Church of England, and her fake ministers. Maybe the Queen will abdicate, and they can skip over her wicked son, Charles, and these youngsters can ascend to the throne. Wouldn't that be wonderful. I'd like to think it's still possible for these two to convert to the Church, instead of acting like they're the head of it. Sorry, I know I sound like the Grand Inquisitor, Z.

  11. I couldn't agree more!

    I only got to see highlights.

    I am so happy for this young man and his beautiful bride.

  12. Chris in Maryland9:36 AM

    I watched the wedding ceremony, and knowing the fact of their living together, and was all-the-more struck by the declaration about the primary purpose of marriage - to be the conduit of new life. And moreso by the reading from St. Paul Romans Ch. 12, especially "Make your bodies a holy sacrifice to The Lord....". God was reminding us that He owns marriage.

    I hope that all young Catholic men and women contemplating marriage might be so well prepared by their parents and The Church that they ponder and heed the holy sacrifice God the Father desires of their bodies and souls, which was the message He sent yesterday to those who watched the marriage.

    I pray that, as God in His mercy has convicted me of my sins and worked to conform me to his law of life, even so after I married, may He convict and conform all young people contemplating Holy Matrimony, and have mercy on those of us, who failing to contemplate before marriage, are brought to our knees and senses after we are wed.

    Praise be to His Holy Name that He made His Word present at the royal wedding of William and Catherine. May He bless them, and may they receive the gift of His blessing, and open it, and give Him thanks.

    In Chritus Veritas

  13. Do not be surprised when troubles beset them...

  14. Maria - Exactly! Which is another reason why I determined at an early age never to get married. I think Kate is going to turn into a controlling...

    I can't even finish the sentence. LOL!

  15. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Oh for heaven's sakes, all you nattering nabobs of negativity -- can it! How about just wishing these young people many happy years of married life together instead of looking disdainfully down your pointed noses and sniffing Pharisaically at the "fake Church, fake prince" -- I watched the wedding and was impressed with all of it, especially the music. Remember, even a broken clock can tell the correct time twice a day. And remember also when you got married ( if you did), what a joyful day that was. How would you have felt if someone told you that God wouldn't bless your marriage because of something or other???? Seriously, have some charity, and pray for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and for the Royal Family as a whole. They need prayers, not pointing fingers and whinging crabby prudishness.
    Get a life!

    Patricia Gonzalez

  16. The girls would do well on the farm, provided they had manly supervision.

    There are some chores women just flat out are the masters of.

    Coming off the desert range after a hard day, to a glass of cinnamon stick tea, with fresh hot biscuits and butter, or a big slice of homemade cherry or apple pie!

    I think women can go a long way with just being appreciated for the little things they do.

    The girls in the picture look lonely, and unappreciated.



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