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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fr. Pfleger suspended!

Oh!  My!  Gosh!  How could they do this? How unfair!
Cardinal Francis George has suspended Fr. Michael Pfleger after the controversial priest refused to leave his post as pastor at St. Sabina Church, located on Chicago's South Side. - Entire story here.

I know!  Here is a seasoned priest - a man for all seasons - totally dedicated to his flock, standing firm through criticism and attack to minister to these poor people.  Where is the justice?  He's been accused and suspended - just like that!

Yes, I will pray for him - but I have a feeling he doesn't think he needs them.  It seems to me he made his bed.


  1. That can happen when the Divine Mercy is on the street in Chicago.

  2. and I still cannot for the life of me understand how the dear Cardinal would think Fr. Pfleger would make a superb President of this school.


  3. If you follow the link and read the Cardinal's letter, it appears the offer is still open. he explains why Pfleger would be a good fit.

    I'm not saying any more.

  4. I like the guy, actually, and I think he does good work as a priest... which is why I wish he'd pull his head out of his a$s, listen to his Bishop, and continue to exercise his ministry.


    Personalities and egos irk me.

  5. Yeah - I think it has to be an ego thing - much like the other suspendees.

  6. Pfleger is an egotistical blowhard who speaks in a fake black southern accent (as a southerner, nothing chaps my ass faster than a fake southern accent), is more disobedient than my 4 year old on her worst day, never met a camera he didn't like, and is so in love with himself it's embarrassing.
    He has REPEATEDLY said, "If I can't stay at Sabina's, I'll leave the church."
    His CONGREGATION, the souls for whom he is responsible, have said they will leave as well.

    If that's a model shepherd, I'll take the wolves.

  7. He'd probably be great for the school. He'd increase donations and he'd be good with the kids. I doubt that St. Leo's is really a Catholic shcool anymore anyway. As for the suspension. That's nothing.

  8. How could he possibly be good at the task of molding young Catholic minds? By telling them we don't need the pope? By being an example of willful disobedience? By teaching them new and innovative ways to style a liturgy? By defending a president who is in love with abortion?


  9. It seems to me Pfleger is fundamentally protestant.

  10. It's lovely. I have no idea regarding any of this. Not one iota. I don't even know who he is. It's lovely.

  11. Cathy--every time I take a trip to the South a little bit rubs off on me :) i start talking the talk just a bit....and then this week guess who shows up at work?? Some lovely Southern military guys and gals from South Carolina..and they brought their BBQ too :)

    There goes the diet :)


  12. Sara,
    I live in Chicago now but a while back I ordered boiled peanuts online and brought some to work.

    It was hilarious.

  13. Gee, what a difference a year (or so) makes...probably two, because if memory serves me correctly, the Cardinal of Chicago was getting hounded by the press outside of St. John Cantius Church before an Ordination two years ago May...

    People complain about how authoritarian, rigid, etc. the Church is...
    seems like the patience of Job has been spent on a real "piece of work";
    one can be compassionate, loving and absolutely good with people; and a total jerk at being a Catholic priest; obedience is a prerequisite, you see. And that ain't so easy for some.

    Prayer, yes.
    He got what he deserved, if you ask me (and more, but I'm not in charge, you see!).


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