Friday, March 18, 2011

Various nations will be annihilated.

That was the last part of the warning.
The events foretold at Fatima 'seem to have been accomplished'...  I'm speaking of the message of Fatima and the part of the secret where Our Lady told the children what would happen if her requests were not heeded:
'[I]f not, [Russia] will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated."
The 'various nations will be annhilated' part has not come to pass... yet.
What if.
What if the nuclear crisis got so bad in Japan, the entire country became uninhabitable?
Now that the UN has authorized military strikes on Libya, what if the situation developed into WWIII?
Just wondering.


  1. Dumb question, but how do we know the "various nations will be annihilated" part is not referring to the WW2? 72 million dead seems to fit the bill. And the days of Russia spreading her errors are on the wane, but it use to be that they were propping up communism in every third word country on earth, and of course in the universities and pop culture here and in other places.

    How do we know that these things are yet to come is what I am asking?

    And Even if that nuke plant went up in a giant mushroom cloud, the *whole country* would mostly be okay.

    And as far as natural disasters go, what about Haiti, and the Indian Ocean Tsunami and the countless other disasters this century that have been much worse than what we are seeing in Japan?

    Not to keep bringing up WW2, but no calamity in the history of mankind, except for perhaps the Black Death, has ever remotely come close to the devastation there.

  2. OK, not to be weird, but if you want to read a non-hysterical, practical guide to what to expect in a nuclear disaster, read this:
    The guy was a civil engineer/Rhodes Scholar blah, blah, blah. It really is a facinating read. Shows you how to make a Geiger counter out of common household objects (even tells you how to test it out at the dentist's office x-ray to prove it works). It busts a lot of misconceptions - e.g. nuclear winter is a myth cooked up in the 80's, we can't kill everyone in the world with the weapons we've got, etc.

    I just got an article published this month in "This Rock" magazine about how I overcame my fears of such things. Too bad they won't release the online version for a few months.

  3. I sometimes think like a child.

    Mercury - that just might be the case - good point.

    ck - Thanks for the links - I have to read more on that - sometimes I imagine things like the China syndrome scenario and imagine the whole world errupting and the oceans boiling. Very Hollywood.

  4. Here's another what if: The best form of victory is the victory of ideals, where the nation turns itself over without a shot being fired, without a battle being waged.

    What if we're already at war, have been for nearly a century, the battlefield is our economy and our warlords world leaders merging nations together for "economic stability"? Aren't nations "annihilated" in this case as well?

  5. Gina - the European Union may well = "various nations will be annihilated"

    After living for a while in Europe, it was so clear just how sinister the EU is. Nations have literally sold their souls to it, and the system is set up that there is no democratic way out.

  6. Czheslovaki and Yugoslavia no longer exist and neitehr does Biafra.

  7. Those were not "nations" in any real sense :) Well, at least Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia weren't. Don't know much about Biafra.

  8. Terry--This is completely off topic. Do you know why the later photos of Sr. Lucia look nothing like her earlier one? It is as if they are two different people. The early photos show a woman with crooked teeth and the later photos show a woman with straight teeth, for starters. It is disturbing...

  9. Maria - she was replaced with an imposter. LOL! Some people actually think that. Religious probably have really good healthcare and dental.

  10. Wow. Sr. Lucia had braces? Somehow that doesn't seem to jive w/ Carmel, does it? LOL.

  11. The Holy Mother knew that the Pope would disobey her request.

    Well before Fatima in 1917, she appeared in Quito, Ecudaor.

    The web site Tradition in Action has a very good recounting of this approved by Holy Mother Church apparition.

    Priests speak of England being reduced to a gravel parking lot, France, Germany, and the United States gone.

    Russia is spreading her errors, still.

    One country will be converted as Mexico was; one Priest in Mexico baptised one million Mexicans after Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared.

    The Muslims and the real Jews will be converted to Catholicism and engage everyone that is left in battle.


  12. The website should change it's name to or The pope did not disobey - pope John Paul II dedicated his papacy and his own person to her.

    TIA deserves only contempt as an organization, and its members need help. They preach a false Gospel.

  13. Roman Catholics pray for poor sinners.

    The apparition of Our Lady of Quito is approved by Holy Mother Church.

    Mrs. Horvat has a fine article about the apparition at that site.

    It is better than the ones written by 'Catholics in Good Standing'.

    Read the article, become aware of why it is not as popular as Fatima,,

    We must keep love as a bottom line, even when we are not pleased.

    We may see a broken violin, God sees an instrument worth playing out a most beautiful tune.

    Upon the cross, His Son was broken; He made the Romans stretch out Jesus tightly upon the cross.

    They pulled His precious arms tight that they might nail His hands to the cross.

    God then took His badly beaten and scourged Son and played the Canticuum Novum.

    The New Canticle of man's salvation, as He foretold through Scripture; "They have pulled Me tight upon the cross as a harp."

    God takes poor sinners and makes them Saints.

    Pray for the Tradition in Action people.

    I have taken the time to call them and speak to them of their actions. I just don't agree with them making a living from some of their projects. I told them that, they listened and thanked me for my concern.

    I understand the criticism, we just need to add admonishment to it.


  14. Any site that routinely calumniates the pope does not deserve even a glance. And if the only source for something is TIA, or a sister site of TIA, or a site quoting TIA, then one can be quite certain it is bullshit. They deserve prayers, but they do not deserve recognition any more than a liberal Catholic site does. Both encourage sin, both encourage disobedience.

    Pablo, I am not knocking you, I am just saying what I think of TIA. If you want to promote them, that's fine, but I had to say what I said.

  15. I went back to the Tradition in Action site for an at random viewing.

    This is at random what I saw:

    It includes also on the page:

    The Principle of Gradualism

    The Duty to Dress according to One’s State

    A Man’s Bearing Reflects His Education and Virtue

    Four Ways to Discern a Man's Soul by His Appearance

    Today’s Irresponsible Fathers

    Good Ideas Fit with Good Customs

    I went to a Church in Denver that has been set up as Traditional. (Not SSPX or Independant)

    I noticed some people were more concerned with the condition of my clothes than the condition of my soul.

    There have been some problems with our last few Popes. Some real serious problems.


  16. "Four ways to discern a man's soul by his appearance?" come on.

    No matter what one may think of the past few popes, it does no good to calumniate them. That site does it routinely. If a pope deserves anything, it's the benefit of the doubt, and they don't even give him that. Every rumor, every funny picture, every he said she said is posted there as truth.

    Why do we assume the pope is getting it wring when it may be us? Who is Marian Horvat to attack Joseph Ratzinger? The Holy Father is a man filled with love for God and man, and he truly truly wants the world to know Christ. The TIA people Do not even treat him or his predecessor with ordinary respect and decency.

    I truly believe Satan is at work on that site. No Christian site, no matter how righteously angry, would make such sweeping and spurious claims - claims without even bothering to check sources. They mock and ridicule Peter.

    And they truly truly hated John Paul II. Sure, he may jab emit been perfect, but he was a truly holy man. He deserves better.

  17. I don't know that this crisis could make Japan inhabitable. However, I think the destruction will have greater implications for the world than other catastrophes such as the Indonesian tsunami and Katrina. What happened in Japan is going to have serious if not dire consequences for an already shaky global economy, especially here in the US. Add the conflict in Libya to the mix and the little bit of improvement in America's economy could easily evaporate. Unlike other nuclear disasters, Japan also has to simultaneously deal with widespread destruction and contamination of farmland, etc from the toxic waves of the tsunami, that sucked up everything in its path. This may not be the end, but the events of this past decade from 911 to Katrina to Indonesia to Haiti to the Gulf BP disaster to Japan lead me to believe we're closer than people would like to admit. If it's not the end of the world we're on the brink of, I do believe it's the beginning of the end of life as we know it.

  18. Seriously - I've long thought Our Lady may have been referring to contraception which is leading to the demise of native European populations and therefore nations.

  19. Terry, Europe is in such dire straits, and I do not mean Mark Knopfler's awesome band.

    France as we know it is literally gone. Their Muslim population is around 15% or so. Ditto Belgium and the Netherlands. England may have a chance if they change their ways by, let's say, next week. Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain all have time to turn around, but that window is closing.


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