Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Collection

I rarely ever show these artifacts. They are Japanese shrines of Deities and Immortals in Shinto houses and displayed upon little Japanese altars. Included in the mix is the Quito Virgin of the Apocalypse, and a smaller ancestor shrine housing the Infant Jesus of Genoa. The last large shrine is missing a door. I have the door but need to re-attach the hinges. Some of the items are centuries old and are very fragile, the lacquer chips, and the cedar dries out. Please ignore the dust since I try to avoid too much handling of the objects and dust sparingly with soft artist brushes and gentle air.
Continued prayers for the Japanese in the wake of the many disasters.
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  1. Thank you for sharing these little shrines with us..they are indeed lovely works of art..


  2. Beautiful collection. Good thing you've kept them well preserved, when you consider their fragility.

  3. Wow! Those are gorgeous. Father Damien (he took the name of the Molokai saint many years ago), the head of chaplains at the VA has a wonderful collection of relics, monstrances and liturgical vessels, and crystal. I ought to drag you over next time he throws a bash (probably for his name day in May). He is an excellent cook and loves to throw parties. You'd really appreciate seeing his collections.

  4. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Those are beautiful. Do you mind me asking where you get all your amazing arworks, furniture, etc. Are they antique store finds?

  5. Very beautiful. I'm reminded that Japan's "hidden Christians" (kakure Kirishitan) used such item for devotion during the centuries they were cut off from the Church.

  6. The third photo is Benzaiten, the goddess of music Shinto also venerated by Buddhists (indeed this doctrine gave a human body where once it had). At his feet lies a Ugajin a serpent god (with a human head) that is your partner and guardian. Japanese Shinto myth has had a snake (or dragon) which devoured men, the goddess Benzaiten agree to marry him if he left that horrible habit.


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