Friday, March 18, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize

Tell me again:  Why was Obama awarded that prize?


  1. It can be explained quite easily. While real Nobel prizes require all kinds of experts and uh, results, the peace prize is quite literally nothing more than the political opinion of a few dudes (and occasional femmarxist) in the Norwegian parliament. That's really all there is to it. And Scandinavians are notoriously "trendy" on their politics. I bet some of them wear "Che" t-shirts in the parliamentary chamber.

  2. And did you close comments on the lacy silk post because you really were afraid Fr. Z might show up? ;)

  3. A Random Friar6:54 AM

    Because he was not George Bush.

    To read the statement from the Nobel committee, you'd think they'd swallowed the election hype whole hog. Even President Obama himself was a little embarrassed at receiving a prize for well... not doing anything yet.

  4. For not being George W. Bush.

  5. Mercury - I closed the comments because they were going too far. Fr. Z would never stoop to the level of reading my blog or commenting on something I've posted.

  6. Mr. Nelson,

    Your blog is far better than that of the Elitists.

    I lost much when the little girl with the Catholic Icing blog was not helped in the Blog competition.

    He should have recused himself and allowed the innocent, Catholic girl win the award.

    A man is supposed to do those things for a girl; teaching of my Mommy and Godmother.

    A Catholic man would have stopped and helped her, publically, to set an example of Roman Catholicism and manhood.

    There is nothing wrong with innocent, sappy feminine girls.

    There are my favorite kind of girl.


  7. michael r.6:36 PM

    Sheesh, this is what happens when one wanders away for a day. Wish I could have read the comments! I must be a liberal loon because I think the Cardinal looks absolutely ridiculous. I think I'd be embarressed out of my mind. Time to rerun that Fellini style snippet!


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