Tuesday, February 15, 2011


That's what I call dissenters these days.  Not just the liberal 'ordain my mother' and 'marry my son and his boyfriend' activists, but even some of those who promote spurious apparitions, dubious religious movements and disobedient charismatic cults.  Diane at Te Deum has an update on one such cult figure here.
They are like "the first Protestants who wished to regulate everything by private inspiration, subjecting to it even the Church and its decisions. For the true believer, however, docility to the interior Master admits nothing contrary to the faith proposed by the Church and to its authority; on the contrary, it tends only to perfect faith and the other virtues." - Garrigou-Lagrange


  1. Dear Terry,

    Thank you for continuing to write about this. 11 years ago I told a woman (a huge Medjugorje supporter) that I was waiting to hear what the Vatican had to say regarding the alleged apparitions. This woman went around to everyone she could and attacked my character, said horrible, villainous things about me, my parents, grandparents and family. People who I had known, loved, cared about, prayed with, learned with, cried with, grown with, rejoiced with for almost 10 years suddenly turned on me. Whispering nasty, horrible things at me as they passed me in church, giving dirty looks, approaching me after Mass and events to start arguments and one man even came at me with his fist raised to punch me--right in church. (He was also a big supporter of the Intercessors of the Lambs)

    I finally moved out of that city, the city of my birth, because my reputation had been completely smeared by these people and no matter what I did, or how softly and patiently I spoke to them, nothing could change their opinions of me and all because I had some concerns over Medjugorje.

    Everyday, every single day for the last decade, the evil one comes to me just as I am about to pray and whispers their venomous words in my ears, distracting me, trying to get me to hate them--and I do mean every single day. All I can do is go before the Lord and say I forgive them and offer an Act of Charity for them every morning.

    This may sound over the top and I know you don't like to get too serious on your blog, but I want to thank you for pointing out how divisive Medjugorje and her devotees have become. This article has helped me tremendously. Again, thank you so much for continuing to address this issue.

  2. Harold - I'll pray for you.

    Terry - this is why you blog.

  3. Ditto what Larry said.

  4. I had a wonderful opportunity today to witness to one of my hardcore Mormon coworkers....and it all started with my Padre Pio cross I have on my keychain..he noticed it and asked me about the pictures on it--St Pio is in the center....incidently he is one of my patrons..leading to how are saints chosen, how many are there, what about Purgatory, etc..and most of it the Spirit put words on my mouth...I would have never come up on my own that Purgatory is like the final rinse cycle inthe washing machine..I'm not clever enough for that :) But it sure helped him understand :) Also bits about confession, etc...

    What a hefty conversation my little Padre Pio cross started...

    Be prepared :) And not with hard-core words out of the Catecism, but in simple words and phrases that folks can understand..Catholic 101.


  5. I don't believe anything holy is going on in Medjugorje. The alleged apparition has spoken against the bishop, so I know it isn't the Mother of God; she always counsels obedience, even it it means accepting an injustice. Why do people get so bent out of shape when others express their disbelief? We are not required to pay attention to private revelations.

  6. Terry - it's been interesting of late.

    Harold - prayers.

    I've heard a number of testimonies from people in parishes where there is a heavy presence of Medjugorje devotees. Pastors are suppose to guard against unapproved apparitions being promoted within the parish.

    We always hear about the good things that happen to people, but there are a number of innocent by-standers and others who have the scars to prove there are not just good fruits with the Medjugorje case.

  7. Medjagoogoo, it's nutty and heretical.

  8. Wow. Thanks for all the prayers guys,unexpected, but very much appreciated.

    +God bless!


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