Sunday, February 13, 2011

The day the music died... Grammys 2011

Although I like this guy - and I loved Gwyneth.


  1. +JMJ+

    My brother is watching the Grammys right now. He was anticipating it all week. I hadn't even known it was tonight.

    I never really got into the Grammys, my music awards show of choice being the MTV EMAs (That's European Music Awards to you, my dear old fogey); but now that I don't watch either one, I feel old . . . and fascinated that my baby brother is now at a more critical level of music appreciation than I gave him credit for yesterday.

  2. I'd love to see the EMAs - didn't the Prince host it once? Monaco's pronce - not Minnesota's.

    Please tell me baby brother does not like GaGa.

    I forgot to mention Mick Jagger was incredible - he's ageless - which makes me wonder if he made a pact with some one at some point in his career...

    On the other hand, Barbara Streisand looked like this generations Kate Smith.

  3. +JMJ+

    Baby brother likes Justin Bieber. =P Is that better? I usually take the mickey out of him every chance I get, but he was decent tonight. (Barbra scared me a little, though.)

    Just this afternoon, I couldn't help noticing how many young teenage boys were out dressed like "the Bieb."

    Oh, I stopped watching the EMAs after the 90s. Every year I manage to channel surf into part of that year's show (because of my karma, you know), and I always get disgusted at how American the whole production has become.

  4. He is young, isn't he. Poor Bieber didn't win. I've never liked kid artists - even when I was a kid - Bieber is being groomed.

  5. michael r.2:52 PM

    Haven't watched the grammy's for years, but I did last night. I watched everything up to the Streisand performance. I enjoyed all of the newer artists, including the performance of the song you are making fun of. The guy, who I had never heard of before last night, reminded me of George Clinton. Jagger did seem ageless, jumping all over the stage like that. Streisand was dreadful, imo. Can't hit the notes anymore, but what happened to her in the last few years? Is she still with what's his name -- Marcus Welby's side kick? Why that enormous granny dress? And I haven't seen that much hair on her since the 70's. Is she hanging out with Stevie Nicks?

  6. Michael - she's still with that guy.

    I forgot to mention that Bob Dylan looked like they dug him out of the grave and propped him up onstage.

  7. was watching the grammy's an act of penance or something?

    Oh... and I think a drinking game has just been invented on my blog... and you're being slandered. By me.

    Love you, Kitten.

  8. Thanks!

    BTW - I'm a big Suburbs fan now.


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