Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mass Chat: Valentine's remembrance.

Real Love...
Married couples, living and deceased (widows and widowers) renewed their vows last evening at the vigil Mass.  They will do the same today.  Then after Mass last evening there was a romantic dinner for the couples - I think some of their kids might have acted as waiters.
I'm not making fun of it however.  The vows were tied into the profession of faith - don't ask me how - but it was actually a beautiful affirmation of Christian marriage and everlasting love.  I was almost verklempft.
(I had just gone to confession,  so that may explain my charity.)
(FYI - I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day.  I love love however.)
Art: St. Valentine healing an epileptic.


  1. Anonymous10:10 AM

    FYI: Nowhere in the liturgical books of the Roman Catholic Church is there found a renewal of marriage vows. So technically it has no place in the Liturgy.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you. I am very aware of that, and you are absolutely correct to point that out for this post. Although the pastor did all of this right after the homily and before the creed - not that it makes a difference I suppose. Perhaps I should have mentioned some of the weird intentions as part of the prayer of the faithful?

    Seriously, I just try to attend Mass devoutly.

  3. That's "Saint Valentine's Day" to you! He's a martyr and a saint of the Church.

  4. VSO - You are correct. Although when I discuss Valentine's Day I'm referring to the secular love fest.

  5. I received roses today..three lovely pink ones...

    I LOVE Valentine's Day :)

    I'll take them in to work tomorrow :)


    Can you believe my verification word is "outie"?? I'm actually an "innie" :)

  6. I rank public 'renewing our vows' right up there with getting a tatoo with your S.O.'s name. I know I'm not being too charitable.

    The only people I know who 'renewed' their vows, down to dressing up in weddin' clothes, got divored a few years later.

    It's like the kiss o'death.

    I said "I do" once in front of God and everybody with Lazlo, and every day since privately.

    If I get dementia, Lazlo's permitted to remind me of Paul's admonision Eph5:21. But, not until then...


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