Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Me thinks some guys like this stuff much too much...

Too grand.
I really believe many of the reforms regarding liturgical/ecclesial wear which evolved as a result of Vatican II and Paul VI and JPII were needed.
(If that statement doesn't reduce my Follower count to zero nothing will.)
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  1. What's with the last costume? Is that as titular bishop of lemon-lime, at the Church of San Giovanni Sevenuppa?

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    "I really believe many of the reforms regarding liturgical/ecclesial wear which evolved as a result of Vatican II and Paul VI and JPII were needed."

    Oh yes, Terry, definitely!

    What we have today is much, much better, don't you agree? There is little that is more edifying than seeing a priest in shorts and t-shirt lighting the altar candles with his Bic lighter. And I really do have a penchant for those rainbow stoles. Very chic and in these days I hear.


  3. ... that last photo the the Cardinal doesn't look very happy ... not exactly exuding the Christian Joy ... it is as if his mother made him dress-up and sit for the photographer. His expression is similar to those young lads who would rather be elsewhere ...

    BTW, what is the green square piece?

  4. Now, why would your follower count be reduced? Merely because some people won't agree with you? Piffle.

    In any case, you won't notice it, because you've gained street cred with several groups. Like those who think that spending a lot of money on a white fou-fou dress that will be worn only a few hours on One Special Day is the height of absurdity. (Not to mention the bridesmaids who are required to buy yet another waste of closet space. Sure, get me a butt-bow and make me look wider than I am... I digress)

    And I'm sure you've gained a fan base among those in the military who think Mess Dress should be abolished.

    And among the ones who can't understand why royalty and other celebrities will buy designer outfits to wear to... film premiers? Can't they just go to the movies like everyone else? Especially when there are People Starving in Africa?

    Now, if you really want to raise your follower count, call for a removal of the art from churches - all those kitschy plaster statues and that blinding bling they call a monstrance, and the gold leaf, and that pseudo-gothic excresence...

    And don't mind us who like the gorgeous. We have no taste.

    Just trying to help.

  5. Well, at least you'll get some support from the PETA people. It took lots of critters to make those fur watchamacallits.
    Seriously, is there no happy medium with this kind of thing? I get your point, but I can see where the proponents of solemnity/grandeur are coming from too. On one side you've got officiating clergy looking like "Persian Satrap"s,* and on the other side you've got clown-mass celebrants!
    * Roncalli's quip

  6. PML - one of the comments on NLM explains the square.

  7. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Hello Terry,

    I read your blog quite a bit and I wouldn't stop merely because I disagree with you on this.

    I am about as traditional as you can get, especially when it comes to the liturgy. Reading both extremes of the comments (which are at best rude),it is apparent that this is a very touchy subject!

    I believe the first 2 pics are great. Cappa Magna with fur -- excellent! A great tradition and it is winter after all.

    The last picture is a little much for me to. But it is just a matter of taste. I have no problem with the individual items, including the throne and gloves, and even the lace alb. I merely believe the shades of green clash and the brocade drapery is too much with the brocade chasuble. Criticism like this is fine.

    I hope that people will get over the whole idea of "he looks miserable wearing that" "baroque is too exhuberant" "playing dress-up". Numerous saints and popes dressed like this. Some people (I'm not talking about you or attacking you, more the comments) need to have respect for our liturgical traditions. Our Eastern brothers in the Byzantine rite are just as grand. Pope Benedict XVI wears some very ornate and very Baroque vestments. It's a matter of taste. Let's have respect.

    (tie-dye and hemp excluded from the respect!!! I think we all agree about that!)

    Thanks for letting me ramble Terry,


  8. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Well, dear me, I had hoped that my comments were taken as they were meant - as a joke!

    How insulting that someone would think that I was serious!


  9. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Veronica, maybe I'm ignorant and I apologize. Normally I don't even reply to other people who leave comments. When I wrote

    (tie-dye and hemp excluded from the respect!!! I think we all agree about that!),

    I meant that. When you wrote about a priest in a T-shirt, I took it seriously. I have seen some outrageous things in the liturgy, so I take this stuff seriously. No, rainbow stoles, hemp, and tie-dye are not dignified. No matter what. I don't joke around when it comes to a reverent and dignified liturgy. I will not hesitate to call out and laugh at people stuck in the 60's trying to keep our Mass stuck in that decade also.


  10. Plain plain plain..I'm a plain Jane :)

    Perhaps my roots trace back to austere Protestant churches, or that I love the simplicity of monasteries and the monks and nuns in their simple habits...

    Or perhaps I just don't LIKE clutter...spirit of poverty and such..

    On the other hand.... I LUV the new Cathedral design in Canada lovingly chritsened Our Lady of the Millineam Falcon on Fr Z's it swoops up to the sky like arms raised in praise..

    I've never been known for having good taste :)


  11. Anonymous7:25 PM


    I am always surprised that anyone would think that what we have today in our Church is actually better than what we had back in the "Dark Ages".

    No matter that everything was far from perfect back then, it was infinitely better than what we have today.


  12. I actually appreciate these traditions - so don't be offended by the post. I'm from the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis and our Cathedral, as well as other churches such as St. Agnes and St. Louis King of France celebrate the ordinary form of Mass with great reverence and decorum, and their vestments are very Roman. If I'm not mistaken cappas were shortened after the Council and other monarchist trappings were pretty much dispensed with. If people want to revive this stuff, that's just fine - I'm simply saying some guys like it a little too much.

    Let their cappas flow out of the church doors onto the streets - doesn't do anything for my devotion or faith.

  13. Institute of Christ the King are as camp as a field of lace tents.

    erm. Am I alone in thinking this?

  14. +JMJ+

    Congratulations on getting that "street cred," Terry!


  15. Enbrethiliel:

    "Never mind."


  16. berenike: you're not alone.


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