Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thoughts on Blogging.

"He that is well disposed and orderly in his interior heeds not the strange and perverse ways of men." - Imitation
"We cannot trust too much in ourselves, because we often want grace and understanding.

There is but little light in us and this we quickly lose through negligence.

Many times we come to realize we are even blind interiorly.

We often do ill and do worse in excusing it.

We sometimes are moved with passion and we mistake it for seal.

We blame little things in others and pass over great things in ourselves.

We are quick enough at perceiving and weighing what we suffer from others, but we mind not what others suffer from us.

He that would well and duly weigh his own deeds would have no room to judge harshly of others. - Imitation of Christ

God grant I may take these words to heart, but I must tell you, after reading a few blog posts elsewhere, and listening to some friends, a great many people seem to be misled these days... even the 'elect' if that were possible.  And many bloggers who think they are righteous are down right mean and nasty - and very much without charity.  I'm not just talking about the usual subjects either.  The facade of niceness on the more liberal blogs seems to be wearing rather thin these days as well.


  1. Isn't it a good rule of thumb, that when we think we are being righteous, we're probably just being self-righteous?

  2. Terry - you're not talking about my most recent post, are you? ;-)

    The facade of niceness on the more liberal blogs seems to be wearing rather thin these days as well.

    I contend it wasn't all that thick to begin with.

  3. We all need to take the words to heart. I am but a sinner who tries to offer what good I do have, but I know I fail even at doing what I know is right. Only by the grace of God, do I continue to strive for perfection. And what I write, is often aimed first and foremost at myself, as it should always be.

  4. Mercury - that is always the case with me. Larry - This post was not about any of you guys. I agree with you Henry.

  5. Ter - I know. Just kidding.

  6. Do you even know who Larry Mondello is?

  7. True words, Mr. Nelson, and should be repeated often. Thank you.

    This one especially describes me:
    "We sometimes are moved with passion and we mistake it for zeal."

    It is now printed and posted next to the computer to remind me to keep my zeal within charitable bounds.

  8. It was good being at Tepeyac Hill for our Mother's Feast Day.

    The catechism coming from a certain part of the Basilica is very serious and harsh to those unable to withstand the Truth.

    Many times the de-catechizing of the Faithful by Cardinals, Bishops and Priests was clearly obvious. The people had a Holy Anger at being manipulated in this manner.

    I heard women complaining bitterly before the High Altar erected at the spot where our Mother appeared to Saint Juan Diego.

    Women that usually keep their mouths shut and their heads covered in the Church.

    Hard work; devotions and many recitations of the Holy Rosary, catechizing properly of the Faithful, back and forth of opinions and arguments from every sector of the Faithful has resulted in the Dispenser of Divine Graces granting those graces necessary to us that we may partake more fully of the Bread of Life. Partake of the Bread in the manner that Christ demands.

    Everyone has had a voice in bringing us to the foot of the cross, Christ crucified.

    This blog has done an excellent job at allowing voices to be heard.

    That is why we prayed mightily at Tepeyac Hill on behalf of Mr. Nelson, that God grant him the graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit needed to continue on his Ministry.

    There is such a thing as Priests in hiding.

    Sometimes they are not so hidden.

    Mr. Nelson,

    Tepeyac Hill has sent you a couple of gifts I need to mail to you. Would you please send your address via my e-mail?

    God be with you.

    Santa María de Guadalupe Esperanza nuestra, salva nuestra patria y conserva nuestra Fe.


  9. Do you even know who Larry Mondello is?

    He's Theodore's pal - the one that Mrs Obama would send to "fat camp". LOL!


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