Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Novena - Day Two

Why the little animals followed the Holy Family to Bethlehem.
Very few people know this, but dogs and cats and rabbits and other little animals - I think even a fox, followed Our Lady and St. Joseph as they travelled to Bethlehem for the census.  St. Joseph told Our Lady that they were following because they wanted food, but Our Lady simply nodded and smiled.
Once settled in the crude stable, built over a small outcrop of rock at Bethlehem, Our Lady explained to St. Joseph that the little animals had accompanied them to help keep the Holy Child warm after his birth.  St. Joseph simply nodded and smiled.
Divino Bambino,
In my difficulties: help me

From the enemies of my soul: save me

In my errors: enlighten me

In my doubts and pains: comfort me

In my solitudes: be with me

In my infirmities: invigorate me

When others despise me: encourage me

In temptations: defend me

In difficult hours: strengthen me

With your Sacred Heart: love me

With your immense power: protect me

And, into your arms,

when I die: receive me.  Amen


  1. Awww that sounds sweet. Where did you hear this from? just curious. thanks.

  2. michael r.9:13 AM

    Beautiful prayer! I've said it before, this genre of writing is your best, and I wish you would publish & illustrate all of your animal tales.

  3. Jackie - I made it up. LOL!

    Thanks Michael!

  4. I didn't make up the prayer however - it is a prayer I found online.

  5. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Hi Terry -

    I agree with Michael. This and the other Christmas story you wrote about the cat in the stable would be terrific children's books, and I would most certainly enjoy them as well. Whether you think so or not, I think you have a talent in this direction, and I especially like how you don't talk down to children.

    I love the prayer. I am going to try to memorize it. It gave me great comfort to read it, and I thank you for including it today.

    Blessings from the Cleveland Diocese


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