Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pink or Rose?


These are ugly vestments - no matter what color.


  1. Please tell me you are familiar with the Bad Vestments Blog ... ifnot then Merry Christmas, cause I'm sure you'll love it. It seems to be right up your alley.

    Most of the bad vestments pictured are Episcopalians and Lutherans, but there are quite a few Catholic appearances in there, even traddy ones!

  2. The V-shaped(ugly bib)design vestment is similar to a choir robe. You'll never caught me wearing this kind of vestment either. YUK!

  3. I've been told I look "good" in the rose that a compliment? (or an insinuation!?!)...all I say is, "Oh, brother!""

  4. Fr Nazareth Priest, remember: real men DO wear pink! (and in Scottland, they even wear skirts )

    It ain't the vestments that make the priest, but the priest that makes the vestments!

  5. Fr. Gary - I just hate that V-shape chorister's style myself. So many bishops wear that stuff. Extremely ugly.


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