Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Same Sex Marriage: "When they do that, it's the end." Fr. Paul Marx

The end of Christian civilization, that is.
It is amazing what legalized artificial contraception has led to.  Teens who use artificial contraception today probably have no clue that it was once illegal in the United States, along with abortion and infanticide of course.  Likewise homosexual acts were illegal and homosexuality was recognized as a disorder not only by Christianity, but by psychologists and medical doctors alike.  In our day all of these vices have become legal and acceptable behavior and practice.  None of this could have happened however without what we now recognize as the contraceptive mentality, which changed - revolutionized - society's attitudes regarding sex, marriage and divorce. The marital act got separated from marriage as liberal values took hold, sexual relations were neutralized or 'neutered', as it were, in proportion to their becoming non-reproductive and recreational.  It was only a matter of time that tolerance opened the way to acceptance, thus leading to the ultimate imitation of life foisted upon us today, same-sex marriage.
From Fr. Thomas Euteneur of Human Life International:
Fr. Marx, in a prophetic sense, saw rightly that a society cannot survive the perverse manipulation of the very structure of reality that God Himself has revealed to us, one very fundamental element of which is the institution of marriage. When we allow that to be changed-"It's the end."
So why, you ask, is gay marriage wrong? Let me count the ways.

  • First and foremost is because it violates the revealed Will of God as seen in Scripture. There are few things as clear in God's revelation as the sacred institution of marriage between a man and a woman. From Genesis 1 (the marriage of Adam and Eve) to Revelation 21 (the marriage of Christ the Lamb with His Bride the Church) God has had only one model of marriage, and it is not gay marriage. Even polygamy and divorce was done away with in the Christian Church, as Our Lord reminded all of the essence of marriage as it was "in the beginning." This Christian view of marriage became the norm of Western society and its most basic societal unit, undoubtedly allowing the West to flourish.

  • A close second to this is that gay marriage distorts the very concept of parenting as well as marriage. Even if you overlook the fact that gay marriage is by definition sterile, every child of a gay marriage has to be adopted or artificially inseminated, and that in itself is a violation of the whole concept of family.

  • Third but by no means the last reason, all of society suffers because of the public endorsement of an intrinsically disordered lifestyle and practice. Yes, "disordered" is what our Church calls both the homosexual orientation and lifestyle, and gay marriage simply ratifies that disorder on a social level.
We must fight against it with our very lives.

While we respect all people as they are, we don't have to respect such a wholesale assault on everything that is sacred to us and good for our society; no, in fact, we must fight against it with our very lives. The question is not whether or not we can win the battle; the question is whether we will join it. Will we accept the challenge to defend the sacred or not? We are called to be faithful and obedient to the Plan of God for our world, and within that, God will bring forth the victory. There is no doubt that, if it is not already there, gay marriage will be coming to your state soon. If we don't fight it, our souls, our families and basically, our very civilization, will find themselves at "the end" of the line in very short order. - Fr. Thomas Euteneur


  1. Thanks for showing contraception as the root of all these sexual problems. The heterosexuals must get their own house in order to resist the gay agenda.

  2. I think I've mentioned that I did an hour and half presentation in RCIA showing the connection between contraception and abortion, et al. Time lines and court cases were a large part of this.

    Since I left RCIA, the Roman Protestants in charge never, ever make the connection and preach that birth control is "a matter of conscience." Appalling!

  3. Although I'm not a Women's Studies major--I would think that contraception (or abortion-causing processes) in some way or another have been around ever since "the world's oldest profession" came about. Women drank teas or took herbal concotions to prevent or deal with unwanted pregnancies. Especially in the prostitution line of work. Of course alot of it is "Women's lore" that maybe only witch doctors or mid wives or knowledge that moms would passon to their daughters, "just in case you might need it." Not really something written by men in the history books.

    When I was in Turkey the local midwives would offer prospective brides or new mothers a certain herbal tea..especially the brides who did not want to get pregnant on their honeymoon...3 cups a day.. and when I was in South America a local witch doctor discretely offered me something to "stop the moon time" cuz when you're deployed in the jungle who really wants to deal with THAT..actually it was a very plesant tasting kind of chewing gum, and YEP..turn me RIGHT OFF...with no side effects.

    It's not all just the sexual revolution and birth control pills...


  4. if gay marriage becomes the law of the land by judicial fiat, i may have to follow the carolina cannonball in moving to malta.

  5. Aceman7:13 PM

    It interests me to no end that while Catholics (rightly) rail against abortion and right to life, as well as gays and gay marriage, no Catholic group appears to have the same voracity of distaste or perseverance of principle against divorce. It seems to me that is a bigger and more pervasive societal problem than gay marriage and abortion combined.
    Yet, you hear of no group praying or protesting in front of (divorce) courts or offering sidewalk counselling to couples about to have their marriage ended. No one tries through legal means to outlaw it in statutory books. There is plenty of talk of pre-marriage preparation with a minister, but little to support couples contemplating or going through divorce. Are diocesan marriage tribunals still busy enough hearing cases to issue annullments? Is divorce not a life issue too?

  6. Shh Ace! You can't bring that up!

    I hear they're burning heretics up in Minniesotie again. And bringing back the iron maiden. Poor Terry thought that that was going to be some nifty laundry room accessory, but he was disappointed. Poor guy. I had to remind him that homosexualist sympathizers and sodomite evangelists would pop inside of it, and he perked up, but not by much.


  7. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Aceman, you have a valid point. I have noticed a big discrepancy in our own parish: our priest frequently says that we should not go to the weddings of family members who marry outside the Church, but he is on perfectly good terms with wealthy men in the parish who have divorced their wives. A complete double standard.

  8. Funny you should mention that, Aceman. There has been a rash of ugly divorces lately among my acquaintances and relatives. It is like watching a train wreck. And the suffering never ends, especially if there are children. Not that I think someone should stay in a marriage where they or the children are being abused. But most of it that I am seeing seems to be immaturity and an inability to think about anyone but themselves. Gay marriage destroying the institution of marriage? Straights have been doing that for years without any outside help.

  9. Ace - you bring up a good point as usual - but if you noticed I did mention divorce as one of the moral failures responsible for our situation these days. I agree that divorce needs to be addressed - unfortunately it has become so culturally acceptable, encouraged, and common - most parish outreach seems to focus upon accepting and reconciling the already divorced person/couple. I know there are priests who make themselves available to help couples facing problems.

    That said, few couples seem interested in getting help to save the marriage - one partner may want to - the other wants out - freedom from responsibility. Since the early 1970's, across the board no-fault divorce made everything much easier and quicker.

    Now with gay unions, we see high-profile gays divorcing/splitting - and kids are very much involved. Think of the emotionally unstable Rosie O'Donnell and Melissa Etheridge - Melissa just broke up with her second wife - in each of her 'marriages' separate sets of children are involved. It just goes to show that same-sex couples have bought into the status quo of convenient marriage and convenient divorce.

  10. Aceman11:14 AM

    Thom, I heard that there were fires in MN, but never dreamed that they were being fueled by heretics! Now I know where I can go on vaca next week! What a spectacular thing to see. Thanks!

    T-man, well of course with gay marriage comes gay divorce, equal rights in all things you know! There's a lot to be learned from watching the Straights!

    Anyway, divorce is easy nowadays, at least from a legal standpoint. Where are the bishops in standing up against this? Who in the Church is working to change the legal system to make them less easy to obtain, and penalties for getting one harsher?

    The bigger question to me is, if so many marriages fail, and are subsequently judged null and void by the diocesan marriage tribunals, why isn't this caught in all the pre-marriage preparation that required by the Church? Aren't the ministers doing their jobs in counselling and preparing these couples before they say "I do?" I'm sure that they get good, sound, sage marital advice from the priest, no? (Sage advice like: "Don't go to family weddings where they marry outside the church?") Perhaps priests should be penalized or at least questioned when marriages they witnessed fail, or are brought up for nullity hearings.

    I'm glad to hear that there are active divorce ministries where you are Terry, I know of none around here, and we have a rather large Catholic population in my state. That's a start I guess.


  11. Aceman11:16 AM

    Terry--btw, an iron maiden would look fabulous in your garden! Ace ;-)

  12. Ace-inhibitor - thanks. ;)

    I resolved never to marry when I was about 5 or 6 years old, so I suppose I have nothing more to add to this discussion.

    Oh! Oh! Remember when dykes used to call staright couples breeders? And now they can breed themselves. See - gays really want to be straight. That is what all this stuff tells me at least. LOL!

    I don't get the Iron Maiden stuff unless you guys are talking about classic rock groups? None here. ;)

  13. Iron maidens.. they sort of look like those dress forms you size dresses with. ;-) Fabulous!

  14. +JMJ+

    I resolved never to marry when I was about 5 or 6 years old . . .

    Wait a minute. So I'm not getting a proposal? You've just been playing with me all this time, Terry???

  15. Marilyn5:09 AM

    So to sum it up, in-short, straight people using contraceptives are responsible for gay marriage. Took me a while to get to the point of the article but finally did.

  16. I do have to say that the photo is just adorable...two loving parents with their children...the kids all dressed up and the baby is so sweet :) What a blessed family.

    I do hope it works out for them...

    If perhaps there is anything positive that comes out of this is that perhaps someday in states like Utah singles like myself will be able to adopt or foster children. Right now that is not permitted (unless they are blood relatives).



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