Monday, August 16, 2010

Obama: High Functioning Borderline?

I don't know, but something is wrong with this President.
Some characteristics of Borderline Disorder:

Borderlines lose their love for the parent of the opposite sex when the idealization of that parent breaks down. As a child, the BP experiences the opposite-sex parent as being narcissistic, cruel, and abusive. The child's love turns to hate and distrust. The opposite-sex parent falls from the idealized pedestal and crumbles in the BP's eyes and heart. In parental relationships the BP feels as though he or she has never really possessed mother. Mother is experienced as the one who abandons and is inaccessible as a real person.

Many borderlines have a perfectly working, pleasant, alluring, seductive, competent, superman/woman facade. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate which self is being presented by the borderline - the false front, the authentic self, or the impaired inner child. In many interactions the BP is not emotionally present. Relating is from only pieces or parts of the self.

It is not uncommon for borderlines and narcissists to turn to drugs, alcohol, and sex in order to deny and repress emotional pain. These activities loosen the ego's control on impulses and feelings that otherwise would be too painful to assert. As such, the pleasure principle overrides the reality function of the ego.

Borderlines have a strong need to control. For them the loss of control signals the onset of some type of emotional or interpersonal breakdown. When borderlines feel the world threatening to cave in, they become involved in external distractions that symbolically provide support, affiliation, and the promise of salvation. - Borderline Personality Disorder
Of course I'm no psychologist and I'm far from qualified to speak about a diagnosis, but I'm convinced something is very wrong with this President, not to mention the wife.  One example of how nuts the guy is comes from Mark Knoller of CBS News (finally mainstream media is acknowledging Obama's shortcomings):
How many Top Priority issues does Obama have?

After the Senate passed that $600 million Border Security Bill yesterday, President Obama issued a statement asserting that securing the southwest border has been "a top priority" since he took office.  But if you think Mr. Obama can have but a single "top priority," you'd be wrong. He's got a load of them.
In an Address to the Nation two months ago, Mr. Obama declared "our top priority is to recover and rebuild from a recession that has touched the lives of nearly every American." - Read the list of Obama's "Top Priorities" here:  Mark Knoller
And then! And then!
Dems may use food stamp money to pay for Michelle Obama's nutrition initiative...

The House will soon consider an $8 billion child nutrition bill that’s at the center of the first lady’s “Let’s Move” initiative. Before leaving for the summer recess, the Senate passed a smaller version of the legislation that is paid for by trimming the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps. - Finish reading here:  Let them eat organic.
These people are clueless as to what they are like or how the country and the world perceives them.  The fictional attributes of a completely apathetic Marie Antoinette surely are appropriate for Shelly - and in her case, factual.


  1. Austringer11:47 AM

    Though I'm not at all qualified to speak to the psychological quirks of the Obamas and the possible psychological causes of their cluelessness, I can say that their "working" background -- academia, activism for multiculturalism -- would render anyone clueless as to the real world outside the bubble.

  2. I'm no psych expert either, but I know crazy when I see/hear it.

  3. I hesitate to even call him "high functioning." This guy is a psychopathic malignant narcissist who is being controlled and "handled" by others. That is why he is not allowed off the teleprompter. When he does go off script he says stupid crap like his mosque comment.

    I also firmly believe he is a drug user, bisexual, and a Communist. Other than that, he's an ok guy...

    He has been groomed by his "wife" and other radicals to play a part in the destruction of this country. He thinks he is part of the "in-crowd", when the reality is they are laughing at him.

    I also believe he will be "sacrificed" (read between the lines) by his handlers when he is no longer useful.

    Anyone who does not believe we are living in extremely dangerous times needs to pull their head out of wherever they've placed it.

  4. What do you say about the VP? What's the clinical term for "stupid"?

  5. Current reatment of this personality disorder is DBT -Diabolical Behavior Therapy. Whoops, that should be Dialectical Behavior Therapy.
    I hope the birthday party was fun, Oprah, Gayle,
    Valerie, birthday boy and his friends, Dr. Eric Whitacre, Martin Nesbitt, et al and maybe his personal aide, Reggie Love.
    Check out Tom Roeser's for the latest from Chicago:

  6. Terry ~ Funny you should mention BPD today. I used to work with MANY BPD's when I worked in psych, and it is a scary diagnosis. Of course many people have varying degrees of personality disorders, and I worked with the most severe.

    The big O doesn't strike me as PBD, but rather, pathological narcissist. Maybe coupled with a bit of impulse control disorder, antisocial personality disorder and ...sorry, can't think of the other one I was thinking of.

    In any case, I recently ran into someone I had realized too late was exhibiting BPD. I wished I'd recognized it before a particular blow-up, as I would have been far more understanding of that person.

    Um...there is no understanding "O". He's running a country that actually only exists in his own mind and it sure doesn't match the United States!

  7. michael r.5:00 PM

    I checked in earlier and saw the photo. I hoped that by the time I returned, you would think better of it and get rid of it. Where in the world did this come from? It is so offensive, whatever one's political persuasion. At least I hope it is. I think the artist should be turned over to the police for questioning. Seriously. Maybe we should send a copy to all of the other "Catholic" blogs that we can think of. I want to know which ones don't respond in horror. What would the Vatican think of this kind of depiction of the President of the United States of America on Catholic blogs? This is really shameful and about the lowest thing I've ever seen on a Catholic blog. Honestly.

  8. Sorry I have offended you Michael and Tara. I have removed the offensive image of the Hitler/Obama morph. Please don't report me to the Secret Service - it was simply meant to be satirical.

  9. Maria9:24 PM

    Terry: I work on a Psych Unit. Trust me: it is Nacissistic Personality Disoder! LOL.

  10. Austringer9:56 PM


    I agree with you that the image is offensive. However, we part ways when you write, "I think the artist should be turned over to the police for questioning. Seriously. "

    Wow! That's a bit scary... do you feel the same way when "artists" disfigure and distort Jesus or Mary? (On the scale of offensiveness, I'd say that mocking and denigrating the image of our Lord and God ranks far higher than a mere president of the United States...)

    You're not going as far as some Muslims who will kill artists and others who denigrate the Prophet, but you're heading in that direction.

  11. I think the image is satirical and did a good job of linking our most pro-abortion president to a man who oversaw the killing of millions of people and aligned himself with Islam in his hatred for Judaism. I consider current public officials fair game just as liberals did when they pilloried George Bush with relentless mockery and an abundance of satirical images - including a comparison to Hitler. Obama shouldn't have a free pass. I have absolutely no respect for President Obama whatsoever.

  12. Austringer10:11 PM

    Amen, Terry!

  13. Thanks Austringer.

    And thanks Maria!

  14. I don't find any image morphing our illustrious "leader" the great "O" with Hitler as offensive at all.

    After all, it is in our great American history to link our leadership with any given image. The only time it is offensive is when it is linked with some POPULAR image.

    As O is not popular with me, I, in complete agreement with historical satire, have no problem with the photoshop of O and Hitler.

    Hell...they're from the same camp and hate the same people; anyone who isn't them. But they'll both sweet-talk you into believing they love YOU dearly while slaughtering everyone and everything you hold dear.

    I wasn't offended by the image; I was offended by the fact it was too real.

    Terry, you caved.

    Please don't disappoint me again.

    O and H really aren't that different at all.I wish it were different, but it isn't.

  15. Austringer11:38 PM


    I agree with your position, but I would still say the image is offensive. It's meant to be, in order to make a point. Now, it's not offensive to me, but then I think Obama's pro-abortion policies invite such comparisons. But I will grant that it is certainly offensive to some.

    I'm still struck by the statement that the artist ought to be taken in to the police for questioning!

  16. now I never toured the White House while visiting Washington D.C., don't know why, but Terry there seems to be something odd about that White House photo that you posted ... I didn't know some reconstruction took place ... did we pay for that too? Wow

  17. Terry - put the dang photo back. It is accurate...

  18. I would have NEVER taken down the image. I don't feel it was ever offensive to begin with except, of course, for people in love with this president.

  19. Neither the image, nor the post bothered me. I'm able to 'disassociate.' All that I'm worried about is: have I got BPO? Some of those traits reminded me of me..........then again everything reminds me of me lately so it might just be self absorption gone wild. I hope so.... ;)

  20. Sorry I meant BPD, not 'BPO.' Oh no, maybe I've got that as well? What is that anyway? It might be better.

  21. michael r.6:47 AM

    Austringer, you are correct in a way. I went too far suggesting that the artist be turned over to the police for questioning -- without explaining that I really meant the artist should be monitored. Trust me, I believe in free speech. But there is always a price for hate-mongering free speech, and most artists aren't willing to pay it. All of you "Catholic bloggers" are free to post it, if that is how you feel. Again, I would wonder how the leadership of the Catholic Church will deal with this kind of thing. I would hang my head in shame.

  22. Austringer8:43 AM


    The artist should be "monitored"? What do you suggest -- wire-tapping? Checking to see if he hangs out on those dangerous pro-life websites? Recording his conversations to see if he has anything nasty to say about Our Great Leader?

    Good grief....

    "Again, I would wonder how the leadership of the Catholic Church will deal with this kind of thing."

    I think they understand that Obama isn't God, a distinction some of his disciples have yet to make. Anyway, Church leaders have usually not made a big deal about what artists do, which is generally wise. Artists are best not taken too seriously...

  23. michael r.9:19 AM

    Who is the artist??? It did appear on this "Catholic" blog. If we think this is the image that should go with the message, why not identify the artist, as is the usual practice?

    This is so juvenile. You know darn well that Catholics should be horrified at such a depiction of the President of the United States. It will cause much harm to the Church. It's just that many of us are trying to jump onto the populist bandwagon.....a little too safely it seems.

    I would be ashamed to have to defend this kind of thing. Unfortunately, some of you will have to do so.

  24. Austringer10:32 AM

    "Who is the artist??? "

    Well, now that we know you want him to be monitored by the police, I hope he isn't identified. But I suspect he's simply a guy who's handy with photoshop. If it's actually painted, then my kudos go to the guy -- it takes real ability to produce a good likeness.

    "You know darn well that Catholics should be horrified at such a depiction of the President of the United States."

    I think all my horror and disgust got used up at crude and blasphemous images of Jesus, our Lord and God. Not to mention the elephant-dung portrait of Mary -- sorry, this is nothin' in comparison. But then I don't regard Obama as the Messiah.

    Again, don't take artists so seriously. Generally, we do just fine indulging in that ourselves.

    At any rate, I'm not interested in an argument with you, Michael. Life's too short. It's a beautiful day. Go with God (or would you prefer I say, "go with Obama?").

  25. michael r.11:58 AM

    It's contemptable, and you want to make light of it. That's very sad.

    The Church is not at war with Islam. The USA is not at war with Islam -- only with muslim terrorists. I am so sad to see fellow Catholics going this route. The depiction of our President as Hitler on a Catholic blog is beyond contempt!

  26. Michael - the only source I come up with for the photo is

    You and everyone else have seen worse images on this blog - I'm a Catholic writing a blog - the blog is a blank sheet. Catholics have political viewpoints Michael. I'm against Obama and all that he stands for. I think we still have free-speech in this country - it is not Germany where the "N" word is against the law.

  27. I dunno - I think the original image is a lot better than:

    Although this one is...preccccioouuusssss

  28. Terry,

    "it is not Germany where the "N" word is against the law."

    I dunno, have you asked Dr. Laura lately?


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