Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ascribing titular appellations to public figures - prematurely.

Over and over and over...
You know, like Pope John Paul the Great... and now, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope of Christian Unity.
Although I suppose coining titles and slogans can be useful for the production of mugs and t-shirts and other kitsch for fundraising.


  1. What names could be given to your blogger buddies? Some bloggers are really wonderful people and their titles would have to be very saintly sounding.

    My blog followers would have to have my official "Belinda" T-shirt!

  2. Sounds like Terry is considering starting a clothing line or signature paint kits to help fund his gardening and stuff.

    I know! You need a talking Penjing, Terry. That would give you instant notoriety!

    Belinda - you should be Belinda the Beneficient. Fr Erik has already dubbed me "the infamous LarryD", but unfortunately, that doesn't sound all too saintly.

  3. Aw thanks (((Larry!)))

    (I had to google the word :( hahaha

  4. LeoRufus2:18 PM

    I must say that picture with ex-priest Marcial Maciel mitigates my enthusiasm for the appelation "The Great" as well as the Santo Subito motto.

  5. Gosh Leo, I'm going to have to google your entire last sentence. ;) But don't feel compelled to dumb it down just for moi.

  6. I am currently designing my latest tattoo around a JPII the Great idea..But I need to get my Chi Rho one done first.. Tara knows what I'm talking about :)


  7. Sara - I know a Carmelite priest who thinks tatoos are a mortal sin.

  8. Sara Honey, Buy yourself a piece of real jewelery instead! BUT if you insist... don't let the tattoo guy put that tattoo um... um.... ahhhhhh..... on any of your um, special places...


    (There's a bible scripture against tattoos, gosh darn it, our bodies aren't even our own.)

  9. Terry-- I hate to say it but that priest is full of crap, and I'd tell him so. If any priest said that to me I'd say Show me in writing.

    Belinda..I've had people tell be the Bible scripture against tattoos...but there are also Scriptures about not braiding hair, or women not cutting their hair, or wearing makeup, or revealing etc. Other than a few hard-core Pentacostalists I know most women don't follow the Scriptures regarding these areas.

    I'd be pretty scarey if I walked out of the house without makeup :)

    For the record--nope, no tattoos that only my tattoo artist and my gynecologist know about :)

    Now that I've totally shocked everyone :)....


  10. Sara, I think the gist of of the stories you've mentioned are indicating that even though we live in this world, we are called apart from it and to live our lives as examples to others for Christ. That idea alone makes us different.

    I think that mutilating ourselves in these violent expressions isn't healthy even though the world thinks its hunky dory. I know and love people who have tattoos and excessive piercings and it doesn't necessarly make them bad people but these little acts of defiance -unlike self expression, do hinder our journey to holiness -defiance always does.

    Our bodies are not our own as we totally belong to God. We give our very selves completely to God and not just the parts which we find easy for us to give. For example I have no trouble giving God my fertility but my appettite - forget about it. To be honest I'm trying hard to lose some weight so that I wont be fat when I die. I am very worried about disapointing Christ.... If he should send me to hell, that's one thing but if I should disapoint him- and if he were to say, "Well just look at what you've done to your body!" - Then I'd have to say kill me twice Lord. My gluttony has been a sin. I've been defiant, disobediant and angry with God about it as I've said to him many times, "It's MY body!" but no it really isn't. The only thing that belongs to you entirely is your will. Now I've told you things I've not told anyone else. Keep it hush- hush!

    (*Charasmatic moment... He also told me that I can fix this sin the nice way or the hard way it's really up to me and that exercise is less painful than diabetes or heart disease. I said,"FINE!")

    What did you make us for dinner? Tell us slowly. :)
    Will you still adopt me?!

  11. Belinda--Dinner??

    Well--I had a Homeowner's Assoc. meeting tonight after work so nothing extravagent..

    For busy evenings like this one of my favorite standby's is a Tuna Melt sandwich--I use tuna, low fat mayo, pickle, spicy mustard, splash of balsamic vinegar, all mixed together, spread on two slices of whole wheat bread and topped with grated cheese--whatever I have in the fridge...

    In to the toaster oven it goes for 7 minutes...while it is cooking I slice and steam in microwave fresh yellow squash and zucchini slices, they come out and sprinkle with just a bit of Parmasan cheese, salad is apricot halves I canned last summer over a half cup of cottage cheese. Dessert is sugar free fat free chocolate pudding.

    Walah!! Quick and easy dinner :) This is also one of my favorite Lenten or Friday meals.

    I found a BAKED crab cake recipe I am going to try tomorrow...I'll let you know how it goes...fresh crab is both hard to get around here and if so expensive so I will try canned crab.


    P.S. I always set an extra place setting for dinner...something my Norwegian grandmother taught me :)

  12. Sara, I never learned to appreciate fish because I live in Kansas. I made crab cakes for my father at Easter and they had a real nice flavor but they were too done on the outside and gooey on the inside. I suppose I could bake them in the oven. Let me know how your crab cakes turn out.

  13. Here is the crabcake recipe I am going to try...

  14. LeoRufus6:14 AM

    Mmmm, crabcakes! Reminds me of when I used to live on the Jersey Shore, at Seaside Heights, before Snooki and her friends moved in and trashed the neighborhood.

  15. Leo, Po' white trash is a state of mind.

    I was just begging God about an hour ago to please not make me into
    a female "Cousin Eddy" God, please don't make me go there.

  16. +JMJ+

    Terry, I found this even more satiric blog post today and kind of thought of you . . .

    Don't hate me!

  17. I saw that Enbrethiliel - very funny. Satirical blogs don't last so we better enjoy it while it lasts.

  18. Sara: Hon, I hates the tats; but that's just me...don't know what our brother Jesus thinks...wouldn't even TRY to guess!
    This whole appellation thing just makes me want to retch...
    I just knows too much about human nature (probably from me...isn't all about ME!!:<)!)...
    let history sort it all out.
    We have got monumental work to do;
    be holy in this mess of a world we find ourselves trying to cope with...and it ain't pretty.
    That's why God is God;
    and we are who we are.
    And somehow, it all gets sorted...
    call me simple; I'd like that!


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