Friday, July 16, 2010

Queen, Beauty of Carmel


Flower of Carmel Mother of our King,

Blossoming Vine, Peerless and fair,

Splendor of Heaven, To your children of Carmel,

Mother Divine, Favors grant ever,

None like to you. Star of the Sea.


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  2. Happy feast our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Terry and all!
    May She bring us all to Her Divine Son, our only Salvation and Life!

  3. Thank you dear Lady of Carmel who protected me during a car accident today..

    I was rear-ended in the intersection as I was leaving work today..hit me rather hard..the guy who hit me totally messed up his front end....not even a paint scratch on my little plastic Pontiac Vibe. I am fine and my car is fine.

    Thank you Dear Lady for your ptotection..



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