Friday, July 16, 2010

And Now, A Song From My Heart For Cathy of Alexandria, Minnesota

Hi Cath!  How's it goin'?


  1. Terry, is he your alter ego? ;-)

  2. Austringer7:10 PM

    I'm speechless....and that doesn't happen too often.

  3. Only here could one get this kind of, uhm, entertainment:<)!
    I have a feeling a "come back" is in the works here!

  4. Awww.. how sweet!!

    But yeah..paybacks can be a bitch..


  5. Now, Terry, be nice to Cathy!

    She was just hangin' out with my dog so that I could go on retreat to discern, contemplate, and learn how to write icons!

    She couldn't access the internet from my house due to (ongoing) computer issues that would frustrate the calmest of saints!

    (Incidentally, I can't watch the vid you posted in her dubious honor but heard it's hilarious)!

  6. Adoro - I hope it was a wonderful retreat - I look forward to reading about it on your blog.

  7. Terry, actually I shudder to think you might look upon my icon and see what I do!

    When I look at it, quite honestly, all I see is error. All the lines out of place, the highlights I messed up and blended too much, etc. I do intend to load pics (and this serves as proof as to why Cathy was KNOW how long this takes!), but oy...

    It WAS a wonderful and holy retreat, though. :-) I prob won't say much about it but for the iconography.

    Wanna come out with Cathy and I next time we go to Mass there? You are certainly welcome!

  8. Adoro - I wouldn't be critical at all. When I look at my own work - even aside from icons and painting, all I see is error too. God prosper the work of your hands.

    I just might come along with the two of you some day. Thanks!

  9. ROFL! How did I miss this? Oh, yeah.

    Thanks for the best wishes on the Wed for Blessed Kateri. It meant a lot to me that you remembered.


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