Sunday, July 11, 2010

Arise O Lord and let your enemies be scattered, let those that hate you flee before your Holy Face.

The devil uses civil authority, call it the State to war against the followers of Christ. It is surely not coincidental that Pontius Pilate, the civil governor of Palestine, condemned Jesus to a shameful death on the Cross. Over the centuries, the enemies of Christ have used the power of the State to undermine the moral teachings of the Savior. The legalized murder, under State authority, in most of the countries of the world, is surely the work of the devil. He uses State power. As I heard from a man just recently, “I have spent the last four years of my life in prison for praying the rosary before abortuaries.” As I said before, the State is the organized battalion which is being used by the devil to destroy the mystical body of Christ. - Fr. Hardon, The Strategy of the Devil in Demonic Temptations


  1. This is one of my favorits by Fr. Hardon SJ. He spoke of the Enemy as an "oragnized battalion of malice". He also said that ir was not by accident that that he was taken to the Praetorium prior to his Cruciifixation. As Hardon said: "it just had to be a palace"...

  2. I never realized this before.

    I love it. Christ wasn't random nor were the things he had done or the things that had happened to him.
    I think about the random things that happen in our own lives that have purpose and meaning but I fail to notice.

    Cool post. Hope your feeling better.

  3. Jesus, we love You.
    Your Face, covered with spittle, the arrogance, hatred, hubris and general disregard of Your Love...Jesus, we love us to know You, to love You, to give You every respect and deference.
    We are so weak, dear Jesus.
    By the grace and Mystery of Your Holy Face, which reveals to us Your sorrows and insults, grant us Your Peace and Reconciliation.
    By the Sorrows of Your Immaculate Mother and the true trials of Your Guardian, Saint Joseph. Amen.


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