Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Oh, you mean that one?"

"Why she's nothing but a bitch."
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  1. Hey, she's not wearing "Playtex" gloves when she's wiping those dishes...euww!
    I'm not eatin' there:<)!

  2. My former residence was a quaint 1890's bungalow (actually more of a cottage) with exactly 730 square feet.... and no dishwasher....

    I can totally relate to the photo of the lovely young lady, except I usually din't have the charming smile on my face when I was doing dishes...but I had a similiar apron :)


  3. P.S. You also couldn't run anything else when the clothes washer was on spin cycle or you'd pop the circuit breaker... (yes I DID have a clothes washer and dryer:)

    But the kitchen was almost identical to this one... the small refrigerator and the one bank of cupboards was just opposite the sink, and there was just room in the kitchen for a tiny dinette set set. No dining room.

    I often teased my landlady as to exactly WHERE did she put her Christmas tree..

    But it was a cool pad for a college student..and I couldn't beat the cheap rent.

  4. Sooo sweet of you to post just for me!!


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