Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama adresses the Nation...

From the Oval Office no less.
And meets with BP oil executives today - the first time since the disaster began - 58 days and counting.
The damage - the destruction - is apocalyptic.  They're talking money and apologies instead of stopping the leak.   WTF?!
Obama is impotent, incompetent, ineffective, incapable, and inept.
Send in the Marines and the Army Corps of Engineers, use American know how.  Arrest BP executives, seize BP's assets,  take over the company.  Do something - NOW.
And let's impeach Obama.


  1. Is that Steve Urkel?
    I listened to the "doo" while I was out this afternoon doing errands...
    Terry, you rock!

  2. That photo of Urkel is PERFECT! YOu deserve, like, the Academy Award of Blogging for that one!

    This oil spill sickens my heart.

    You think that the 20 Billion dollars that BP is putting aside for all this is really going to happen? They lie about everything.

  3. Gette - I didn't shop that photo - I will have to find the link again and give proper credit - it says it all though doesn't it.

    I'm being outrageous here and using hyperbole to express my frustration with all the inaction.

  4. Please, all of your, pray for our contemplative community, Nazareth Community of the Institute of Saint Joseph.
    We are undergoing some horrific demonic assaults...we ask the charity of your prayers and penances...we need your help right now.
    Thank you ever so much in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and the Pure Heart of Saint Joseph! FrJM

  5. Dear Father JM (Nazareth Priest),

    I'm praying for you right now. Rosary in hand, on knees. May God and His Mother protect you all and carry you through this time of trial, to victory in Him.

    (oh wow, word verification: "pirced"...pierced?)

  6. Np--will have my Carmelite community pray for yours...

    God Bless... Sara

  7. Father, you and community are in my prayers. PML

  8. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Praying for you too, Father! Jesus prefails!

    As to the spill and Urkell's speech (what did we do to deserve him!?!), I am enraged that he believes that the people want to be compensated and that will make everything ok. NO IT WONT!!! OMGosh...hundreds of thousands are about to see their way of life and their children's way of life disappear forever. Fix the spill. Now. 58 days and counting...Seriously.

    I truly am starting to believe the Seal has been opened. Didn't Revelation talk about a firey mountain cast into the sea and the oceans turning like blood. Well, the rig sure looked like that sinking into the sea and the oil is brown and gooey like blood. I am starting to believe we have front row seats to the last days. Thank goodness we know how it ends.

  9. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Terry - "I'm being outrageous here and using hyperbole to express my frustration with all the inaction."

    You sure are being outrageous, and that doesn't help things one bit, now does it? Instead it merely attracts other nonsensical comment, off topic posts and perhaps the nuttier of your public.

    As for your notorious antipathy towards President Obama, please note that this week he captured $20 billion from BP for an earmarked compensation trust fund, and he has called up 17 thousand National Guard troops in addition to clean up personnel already in place. Unfortunately the Marines and other of our armed forces don't drill oil wells or have the technical expertise to cap blowouts. However they can help deal with the consequences, and that is being done.

    If your wishes for the impeachment and conviction of President Obama were somehow to happen with our Democratic congress, which is more than unlikely, you would then be faced with new President Joe Biden. That eventuality might send you into cardiac arrest, and we don't want that.

    Meanwhile chill, baby. Bad as it is, the BP disaster will be resolved one way or 'tother. And don't watch too much TV - that helps.

    - Robt. Zacher, Fargo, ND

  10. Praying for Father!

  11. Thank you all!
    These next two weeks are the "weeks from hell" around here...don't want to exaggerate, but I'm so grateful for your prayers. We need them badly.
    (We had a day of reflection for seminarians/priests at our Oratory on Thursday and our Retreat is next Monday-Tuesday...always a time of demonic activity around here!)
    Mary love you! Jesus bless you!FrJM


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