Sunday, June 13, 2010

For Favors Received.

Thank you Blessed Father St. Anthony for all you do for me, and especially your prompt intercession today.


  1. Dear Mr.Terry, When your business with St Anthony is finished please send him over to my house. I would so appreciate it. Thanks,

    It's really hot and the A.C. man said it would be 7-10 thousand dollars to fix the broken A.C. unit. I've seen the children whisper, I think they may coupe:)

    Remember when everyone lived just fine without A.C.? What has happened to us?? (My brand spankin' new washing machine has been recalled too. I need St.Anthony!)

    My word verification is pestr. Yes, I will pestr St. Anthony.

  2. 7-10 thousand to fix the AC? Did it even cost that much when you originally bought it?

    I too wonder how the human race survived without AC. I mean, were any kids ever conceived from June through September???

  3. Amen.
    St. Anthony has always "been there for me" if we could keep the terrier here from lifting his leg on his statue outside in the herb if I need THAT kind of trouble!!

  4. heheh..poor Fr NP...

    I can see it now..the beloved Father at the Pearly Gates being interviewed by St Peter..all is going well, and the gates open up...then St Anthony steps up "Ahem....there IS a small matter concerning a four-legged minor friar??"....


  5. belinda--

    $7-10K??? You should be able to get a new one for that....

    although when the compressor in my car went out a couple of years back it was just over $800..and that was car a/c...

    My a/c guy at work recommends firing up the a/c every couple of weeks or so when not being used, even in winter, for like 15-20 minutes....keeps the seals from going bad. He works on all of our industrial-type a/c units. It is a bit frosty in the winter :)

    I spent two years in Turkey in a little apartment with no a/ and humid...and not even a cool breeze in the evening...pretty brutal..and on top of it one of my roomies got really crabby when it was hot..


  6. We're told that fixing the A.C. is not reasonable. (But my poor- and I mean "poor husband" will try to fix it next week with a technician... please pray. :)**********
    Dear Mr.Larry, I don't think people use to have sex in the summer ;)
    They smelled, they were hot and uncomfortable and they didn't have as much stimuli. (cable TV, etc..) Besides we have a lot more leisure time because we don't have to wear ourselves out toiling in the fields. We have more time to think about sex as we're no longer worried about the crops and if they'll come in or if we're going to survive the winter. Our first instinct is to survive and the second is to reproduce and the latter has now become dominate and without consequences!!

    *Yeah, I know my comment is silly and people haven't changed.

  7. Sara: That hound is probably going to get me in exactly the "fix" you describe...he's such a good dog; so loving; so naughty...your scenario is probably EXACTLY what I'll have to deal with at stated situation...:<)!

    And Belinda: Mucho consolation from air conditioning?!!
    I'm a total crab with it in our humidity lately; I can't imagine life without it(it's not a comfort issue here; it's being able to function)...maybe I'd end in the hospital again and not have to worry about it:<)!
    Prayers from here, dear!


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