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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Backyard Wildlife

Momentarily frightening away the birds, the wild gerbil refreshes himself at the miraculous cistern.
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  1. Terry, you're the greatest.

  2. Your yard is amazing. Amazing!

    We kill everything we plant either directly or indirectly. Either way, it's going down.

  3. Most wondrous, Mr. Terry!:<)!

  4. You, Terry, are amazing. ^_^

  5. There are other 'things' in the yard too...

  6. Austringer11:23 AM

    Lots of critters like these are real cute-like -- until they start eating everything in sight. Being more or less in a rural area (a horse pasture borders our proerty, and farmers a block away have cows), wildlife is not so much a novelty, but a daily delight (five different species of woodpeckers, sandhill cranes, grosbeaks, catbirds, hawks, indigo buntings, phoebes, etc). The chipmunks, though, moved past the "delight" stage very quickly -- I planted 75 strawberries last year, and this year was to be the first big crop. I've been watching all the berries form for weeks now. And then, in a span of two days, all gone -- all eaten by chipmunks. Curses, curses!

  7. Austringer1:03 PM

    OK, Terry - now having seen your latest post, I see now that the "wild gerbil" probably has a little tag with washing instructions attached to it. I'm gullible...here I thought you had a chipmunk or some such critter!


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