Tuesday, February 02, 2010

This is funny.


  1. Check it out with english subtitles.

    It's one of the funniest things I've ever watched.

    This is the funniest thing I've heard unless you count the time the doctor told me that I was having twins....oh, wait that wasn't funny.


    My youtube link is frozen. Every kid in north America gets on after 3:20.

  2. HOw come we don't see this on Oprah?

  3. Also the English subtitles aren't correct. That's not what they are really saying.

  4. Oh I remember when this happened and it hit the front pages .... the host got in big trouble ... but the poor guest with the high voice was there to talk about a malpractice and the "voice" that he ended up with ... if memory serves me correctly ... It is amazing the audience held it together ... or that they didn't take a commercial break ....

  5. Angela, now I really wanna know what they're saying!

  6. Gee, Terry, I think this guy needs a "sensitivity training" session, offered in any number of seminaries and/or religious novitiates that teaches you to be, well, not so darned insensitive.
    I have no idea what is going here...but the poor woman is in a wheelchair and her husband/significant other is obviously upset.
    Bad pastoral practice here.
    Unless the woman wanted a sex change operation.
    Then, maybe.
    Was that insensitive?
    Bad formation for me!!:<)!

  7. No - the high talker had his testicles removed by mistake. I don't think the interviewer meant to insult them - it just struck him funny that his voice was so high. These things happen to the best of us.

    Seriously - I had a priest laugh at me like this in confession once - he had me laughing too.

  8. Terry: You're a good sport.
    I only laugh and cause laughter by some insane comment I might make...
    usually not referring to the sin involved:<)..or whatever...
    good sport, you!

  9. The guy got hit with the Joker's laughing gas (Tim Burton's Joker).

  10. Belinda, it's hard to understand sometimes because the host is laughing so much so it's hard to hear the guests - but the subtitles don't reflect what's going on.

    In any case, I thought that if a man's testicles were removed in later life (after his voice had changed and puberty was over) that his voice stayed deep????

  11. Angela, Maybe Mr.Nelson knows about this too? Terry always knows people. I think he once had a friend that knew a friend that had a family member who had that same exact unfortunate thing happen to him once. It was a dreadful combine accident- the combine with the rotary discs I think, but he prayed and everything worked out in the end...... Never the less when those prescriptions say "don't use while operating heavy machinery I think to myself - maybe next time he'll listen!". Thanks be to God.

    BTW . These men need to start a support group . What should they name the group? (Now this is tricky because it has to be catchy but modest.)

  12. Hum, it's 12:29 I wonder how long I can stand it before I delete that last tasteless and tacky post of mine.

    Now if I delete it will the other people who posted before me still get to read it?


  13. A clever comedic sketch executed well. Made me laugh though I don't believe it's real.


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