Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I have to lighten up...

Palin wants potty-mouth Rahm fired.
Meanwhile, an interesting new poll of Republicans finds that a majority think Palin is more qualified than Barack Obama to be president. - Source


  1. My cat is more qualified...

  2. I think people are discovering that the mirage of his intelligence is just that,of our own making. Kyrie Eleison.

  3. Auntie A: Your cat, our shelty and jr terrier, Sr's shelty and Terry's cats (along with Cathy of Alex's cats) could RULE THE WORLD!!
    And that's only the beginning...he, he, he!!

  4. Nice quote, Rahm.
    Hope the developmentally disabled get on your keister for a comment like that..."fucking retarded?"...look in the mirror, jackass...and that's a "nice" comment, sir.

  5. It's interesting to watch all those feminist democrats take all those cheap shots at Palin.

    She's certainly not qualified by traditional standards, but if it scares liberals, I'm happy.

    Jesse Ventura wasn't qualified to be governor of Minnesota. And he didn't do a half bad job. He was a good judge of people. And the most important thing that a President does is make appointments.

    Many appointments will still be there after the president is gone.

  6. michael r.8:35 AM

    Now, this is funny. The same poll of Republicans that showed that 53% think Palin is more qualified than Obama, found that 39% believe Obama should be impeached, 36% of Republicans believe Obama is not a US citizen(22% unsure), while 31% of Republicans believe Obama is a "racist who hates white people". 63% blieve Obama is a socialist(16% unsure). And drumroll please.....24% of Republicans believe Obama wants "the terrorists to win", while 33% aren't sure. Oh, and 23% of Republicans want their state to secede from the country too, while 19% are unsure -- they're thinking about it. So much for polls.

    Interesting update on your source too -- they point out that Palin was just recently complaining about living in a county where everyone had to use politically correct language.

  7. I was politely corrected by a teacher when I used the word retarded.(when referencing the progress of my own child) I am told "developmentally delayed" is the proper term. The word retarded ranks up there with the "N" word now. It's a big "no-no"


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