Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Oh, now this is news: New Study Confirms Crisis in Catholic Higher Education

"Catholics should be alarmed by the significant decline in Catholic practice and fidelity at many of America’s Catholic institutions." - Report
Very timely indeed.


  1. Wish I woulda known about this like THIRTY YEARS AGO! (Sorry, I was shouting, me mommy wouldna like dat!) Homer Simpson says, DOHHH!

  2. In fact, I coulda told 'em dat over tirty years ago when I was a wee lad at a "so-called" Catholic college.
    Thanks be to God I got a decent education in music and philosophy.
    Otherwise, I'd be lost, absolutely lost.
    The theology department was crap...all of it, from top to bottom.
    The philosophy and being away from that awful seminary formation actually saved my vocation.
    Isn't it odd?
    Isn't it absolutely astounding?
    God is so good. Mary is so loving.
    Jesus is Saviour, beloved, and Lord.

  3. Oh, Lord. Please do not get me started. Krie Eleison.

  4. michael r.8:08 AM

    Yes, I too attended a "catholic" college, right out of a "catholic" high school, some 35 years ago. I realized within a month that we were wasting another ton of money on my "catholic" education. I barely survived one year, and promptly transferred to the state school where I got a great education, minus the new age catholicism. Love the photo of Doris!

  5. the bee in my bonnet ...

    Dovetailing this today's WSJ has in its opinion pages a Legatus member presenting a proposal for Catholic primary and secondary schools.

  6. Please pray for the Faithful Priests that were attacked from within by the Freemason wolves in sheep's clothing....

    “In today’s crisis of Church and world, our strength is in God alone, because humanly speaking we are powerless in the face of the trials confronting us. Our enemies are all-powerful, those inside the Church being much more dangerous than those outside. Just as the chief priests and ancients hated Jesus unto death, but they needed an Apostle to betray him, so we may blame Jews and Freemasons and others like them for engineering the destruction of the Church, but it has taken churchmen from within to do the actual betraying and destroying. Does Our Lord hate these traitors, as we can be sorely tempted to do? No, he seeks only their salvation, although their punishment will be horrible if they do not repent”.
    His Eminence Bishop Richard Williamson, SSPX

    May God our Lord in his infinite and supreme goodness be pleased to give us his abundant grace, that we may know his most holy will, and entirely fulfill it.

    Santa María de Guadalupe Esperanza nuestra, salva nuestra patria y conserva nuestra Fe.

  7. The benefit of being my age is I slipped under the wire for a great Catholic education. I mean really great.

    Sister's of St. Joseph before they went nuts. PhD teachers in highschool and grade school. I was out of highschool in '63. Just in time!

  8. Why would they waste their money doing such a study?

    Maybe it was a month when no one could come up with any better ideas. No, obviously it was such a month.

  9. Wolves? Judases? Are y'all talking about the USSCB and their darling head of the Dpt of Social Jusice, Mr Kerr?

    check this out:

  10. BTW, Catholic homeschoolers have known this for years: the best way to have your children lose their faith is to send them to a diocesan school/highschool/college.

    My religion classes at my Catholic school in the 60s/70s were filled with fluff --nothing but collages of rainbows and butterflies for us. So of course I left the Church as soon as I could. It was not until years later that I learned what the "Real Presence" was. I was 34 years old.

    Only the new private Catholic schools/highschools/colleges are any good. But they are few and far between. Manassas, Va (where the article is written)--including nearby Front Royal-- has all three. My sister and her husband were wise enough to root up their home and family to move there years ago.

  11. At some point, poor development of one's faith becomes one's own responsibility.

  12. Henry Karlson8:41 AM

    St Bernard said something similar about a 1000 years ago. St Bonaventure, though a scholastic, noticed this problem with the university in his age.

    I think there is something about academia in general which causes this problem. It is not that academia is bad in and of itself; if followed with a devout faith, it creates a St Thomas Aquinas; the problem is when it acts with people with no faith. Then it is easy to turn scholasticism into skepticism. Alas.


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