Monday, February 01, 2010

Liturgical Art

This image of Our Lady and the Child Jesus was commissioned for a Lutheran Church.  Story here.
It was made at New Guild Studio in Braddock, Pennsylvania. 
Davis d'Ambly is another incredible workshop.


  1. I am very impressed with the depiction of the threatening thorns next to the gentleness of the Virgin and Child ... original ... very original.

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I was already aware of Davis d'Ambly; but had not heard of New Guild. Although d'Ambly's work is more in keeping with my personal preferences, the New Guild Studio seems to be doing an excellent job bringing traditional iconographic elements to modern structures. Good to see.

    Fr. Joseph Bittle

  3. Aceman10:40 AM

    My parish is blest to have a number of Davis' works: processional banner, frontals, and vestments. They are all exquisite and of high quality. I can't recommend him enough!

  4. This is beautiful.
    May our Lady and Her Son protect us from the "thorns" of life. Amen.

  5. Davis d'Ambly9:23 AM

    Thank you for the high praise. I must say the New Guild work looks excellent to me.


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