Sunday, January 24, 2010

Something to think about...

A story from the life of St. Therese.
"The thought that there were some religious communities who were submitting to unjust laws against the Church promulgated by the anti-Catholic secular power, filled me (Celine) with indignation.  One day in Therese's presence I exclaimed, 'My entire being rises up in in rebellion when I witness such a spirit of cowardice.  I would be cut into a thousand pieces rather than belong to any of these communities or to assist them in any way.' 
The Saint answered:
'We should not be concerned about such matters at all.  It is true that I would be of your opinion and act perhaps in the same way had I any responsibility in the matter.  But I have no obligation whatsoever.  Moreover, our only duty is to become united to God.  Even if we were members of those communities which are being publicly criticized for their defections, we would be greatly at fault in becoming disquieted on that account.'" - "My Sister, St. Therese" - Sr. Genevieve of the Holy Face

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  1. Terry: You can't go wrong with St. Therese; what an absolute gem...for her young age, she was, as one author put it, "like an old person", in her wisdom, her compassion, her understanding.
    Getting disquieted about all kinds of everythin' helps no one. And I struggle with this myself (having a wee bit a the "Irish" in me)...I love St. Therese very much. She has been a real beacon and friend all these years. Thanks!


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