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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Calling all Minnesota artists!

Pictures at an exhibition.
Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program will be hosting its once every ten year "Foot In The Door" exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts from February 19 to June 13, 2010.  I'm so excited.  Entries are accepted Thursday February 4 through Sunday February 7.  Go to the website for details: Foot In the Door 4.
What's so great about it?  First of all it is crazy fun - to see such a variety of works.  Plus - you can say you, or such and such piece, has been exhibited at the MIA - how cool is that.  I exhibited before (a painting!) - I think in 1990 - yes, I have exhibited my work at the prestigious Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
The work has to be 12" x 12" or under - to fit in the door (actually it is a box).  I paint 12" x 12" all the time - well not always.  I'm torn what to enter however... "The Sin of Ham" or "Watchmen".  I really want to enter "The Sin of Ham".  Memo to self: Call curator and ask if nudity is okay.  (I'm sure it is.)
So local painters and writers of icons - think about entering your work.  It's soooooo fun!
Art:  "Watchmen"


  1. Terry,

    I LOVE this painting. I absolutely love it.

    It's SO deep.

    I vote for this.

  2. I like this one, too.

    I'd enter maybe my Mother Teresa or the Child I drew, but nothing I have is actually framed and I can't afford it right now.

    It would be fun, though. thanks for the info.

  3. Cathy - thanks very much.

    Adoro - just buy an inexpensive frame.

  4. One of the most painful classes I ever took was "Studio Art for Non-art Majors"..as part of a General Ed requirement in college--I was an Engineering student, not an artist, Captain.....anyway we ran into the same predicament where we had to "nicely frame or mat" our weekly drawing/painting submissions for grading..Not wanting to unload a bunch of cash on expensive frames for mere "classwork" in my mind--and believe me I'm not an artist in any way, shape or form--I asked one of the Art Majors what THEY did--rooms full of starving art students who could barely afford their watercolors... they whispered in my ear.. "Thrift Shop." Found lovely frames there, and often only needing a bit of touch up paint. Also had one of the Art Major students show me how to cut my own mats..that has come in really handy in framing many of my family photos and for doing Engineering project presentations at work....Hobby Lobby always has tremendous sales on mats plus you can add in an on-line coupon :)


  5. I wish I knew how to cut mats; I got an unframed print of Our Lady of Mount Carmel for Christmas and need to figure out what to do with it.

    Terry, what about separation anxiety?


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