“Whenever our interior life becomes caught up in its own interests and concerns, there is no longer room for others, no place for the poor..." - Evangelii Gaudium

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Novus Ordo Watch.
I went to the vigil Mass last night since I wasn't sure what the morning will bring weather wise - freezing rain can be so slippery when iced. Well, to be honest, I usually go to the Saturday vigil Mass but hate to admit it online because there are people out there who think that doing so is a liturgical abuse somehow. I know - the Church doesn't say that - just church-people. Not a few also imagine the Novus Ordo is not as good as the traditional Mass, today known as the Extraordinary Form. Yet both are valid and equally efficacious -  i.e.:  going to Mass on Saturday evening and the Ordinary vs. Extraordinary Form.

Anyway - Saturday evening's Mass was beautifully celebrated, and the lector read the Letter of St. Paul as if it was Paul himself speaking - I had never heard it read like that. Father celebrated well - yes he left out something - but I didn't care since it wasn't part of the Mass anyway... And hymn-hater that I can be, the cantor sang beautifully - and I think I did too! All in all it was a beautiful celebration of Mass, according to the Ordinary Form - Mass of Paul VI, in English, etc.. I don't know what came over me that I felt able to worship appropriately.
I'll bet just having made my confession helped.


  1. Glad you had a good Mass, Terry. I go to Saturday night a lot, too. That picture is hilarious!

  2. Nothing like a "ciggie" to get you through the day!:<)!
    You are absolutely right on about this whole 'Mass business'...I celebrate both forms; I just try to pray the Mass, no matter what else is going on, and be faithful to the rubrics. The Mass is "Christ among us"; we can never forget that. The second reading in the Office of Readings today was from the "Document on the Sacred Liturgy" and was a good reminder of all that you said, Terry.

  3. Terry, I was wrote something about the Novus Ordo mass today myself. http://bit.ly/6zqaeU if interested -
    {yes, yes it looks as though I have reopened LuminousMiseries as the written side of drawntocatholicism.com}

  4. Aceman6:39 PM

    T-man, I barely made it to the low Mass at 8 this morning. I had every intention to be there for morning prayer at 7:30, but you know about the best of intentions... There were 9 of us there crowded into the Lady chapel, plus Father, the clerk, and the server. No music, no incense, but I felt God's presence just as much as at solemn Mass with all it's pomp and grandeur. Sometimes it's the still, small voice.

  5. Ter: You make an excellent point about having just been to Confession. I've noticed in myself that I made an extra effort to avoid sin (read: be cranky) when I'm still in the afterglow of absolution. I overlook stuff that would drive me crazy otherwise.

    Maybe the world would be a better place if everyone went to Confession! Well, I know it would be..


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