Friday, January 29, 2010

The Pope on St. Francis...

"Armed only with his faith and his personal meekness -- St. Francis successfully followed the path of dialogue."
In 1219, St. Francis went to Egypt and met with the Muslim leader, Sultan Malik al-Kamil.
"I want to underline this episode in the life of St. Francis because of its great relevance. At a time when there was a conflict between Christianity and Islam, Francis -- armed only with his faith and his personal meekness -- successfully followed the path of dialogue," the pope said.
St. Francis' desire to speak to the sultan and the sultan's cordial welcome is "a model that must inspire relations between Christians and Muslims today as well, promoting a dialogue in truth, mutual respect and understanding," he said. - CNS

"Love never fails."  1 Corinthians 13:8
I have so much repenting to do.

Art:  St Francis Before the Sultan


  1. Maria1:21 AM

    Terry: I loved the way the Pope weaved this in---
    The church "was decomposing from within," he said...However, as a true saint and member of the church, Francis did not attempt to do anything "without or against the pope, but only with the pope". I just love this man. Meekness himself.

  2. Terry: I was able to visit Assisi...a very hurried, chaotic, noisy and annoying affair...
    and yet...the peace of the Lord was very tangible there.
    I prayed at St. Clare's tomb and St. Francis' tomb to help me to be what God wants me to be (a work in progress)...St. Francis is such a powerful example of "being for Jesus"..."Only Jesus" you have on you blog.
    Blessing, my friend.

  3. We all have so much repenting to do. Now put down the whip. :-)


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