Friday, January 01, 2010


Peter Martyr.
Peter (of Verona) is my middle name - hyphenated to my baptismal name James (Santiago) at confirmation (7th grade).  I chose Peter because he wrote Credo in his own blood as he was dying.  I couldn't imagine anything more heroic, manly, or true. 
I believe what the Roman Catholic Church teaches and approves.

Art:  Saint Peter of Verona. One of the first Dominicans.  He was martyred by having an axe thrust into his head. Whilst dying, he used his own blood to write "Credo in Unum Deum" on the ground - "I believe in One God".  His feast day is April 29th.

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  1. He wrote it in his own blood?! I did not know that. Makes my own efforts seem even punier. Imagine writing a blog in blood, or twittering in blood....nope - can't be done. Maybe it's good our blogging and twittering are ephermeral at best.


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