Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Six Geese A-Laying? C'mon!

Christmastide or not - I need to get back to my day of recollection (penance) - so I'll be off line today - maybe.
But I will mention this...  I discovered Nancy Pelosi is a theologian after all!  The woman appears to know traditional Catholic Church teaching rather well. 
Mrs. Pelosi admitted, "I have some concerns about the Church's position respecting a woman's right to choose.  I am a practicing Catholic, although they're probably not too happy about that. But it is my faith."  The Speaker affirmed, yet lamenting, "I practically mourn this difference of opinion [pro-choice vs. pro-life] because I feel what I was raised to believe is consistent with what I profess, and that is that we are all endowed with a free will and a responsibility to answer for our actions," she continues. "And that women should have that opportunity to exercise their free will." - Story
Sadly, Mrs. Pelosi neglects to acknowledge the consequences of such choices.


  1. "The new comments follow on the heels of Pelosi thanking God that the Senate health care bill funds abortions". Wow. She may find herself in a flood lit tango with the hierarchy. It will be interesting to watch. Still, I continue to pray for all politicians and the abortion issue, esp CINO Catholics--if you get my drift. Have a nice day of recollection, Terry.

  2. I can't read anything Pelosi without chugging down some Maalox. I've listened to her delirious discussions on abortion and the counterfeit theology she uses to characterize them as humanitarian.

    The poor rationale she employs is used by various Catholic pro-aborts (including the late Ted Kennedy) in order to claim to be Catholic, while at the same time attending to their political welfare. Basically, they’re playing stupid with their claim that a pro-abortion positions is consistent with Catholic social teaching (and I’m sure no one sees through their facade, right?).

    And you know what, if she wants to argue that abortion is a choice, I will acquiesce and grant all the pro-aborts their point: abortion is indeed a choice. I my argument is that my right to life supercedes your right to choose.

  3. Her Archbishop needs to make a public statement a la Bp. Tobin now that she has made private conversations public.

  4. Interesting how her concept of free will supersedes the Ten Commandments and the teachings of the Magisterium.

    Adam and Eve thought that also.

    God is the Judge. It would be interesting to read a transcript of her explanation to Him.

  5. Yes - her archbishop better speak up fast.

  6. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Yes, we have free will to do all sorts of sins: rob, rape, embezzle, murder. Should they be legal too?

  7. Austringer10:41 AM

    Note also the arrogance: "...they're probably not too happy about that". Yup, all 'round the hallowed halls of the Vatican, THEY are walking about unhappy. Never mind the billion other Catholics and the myriad other problems that beset the Church and mankind, the Pope is grim-faced and sad, all because of Nancy Pelosi.

    But yes, it is time for her bishop to do some serious bishing.

  8. Ms. Pelosi should take a course (no several courses) in Moral Theology from Fr. Brian Mullady, OP.
    THAT would cure her of any ideas about her "fantasies"...and I mean it!

  9. I "mourn" these differences too but by mourning I mean that I mourn that Ms. Pelosi just doesn't "get" that she can't believe abortion is acceptable and still consider herself a Catholic in good standing.

    I need to grab a gin and tonic when I read anything by her wherein she talks about her definition of Catholicism (and I mean HER). Hey, great drinking game! *burp* Ok, maybe not. I need to function.

  10. Down the hatch, Cathy!
    I'm not endorsing any kind of intemperance, here, but "down the hatch!":<)!

  11. Cath, being in the family way, I can't indulge, so I'll just have to stick #2 pencils in my eyes when I read anything Pelosi on Catholicism.


    Fr. Mullady comes to my parish once in a while. He teaches at the seminary our men go to...
    did you go there, too?

  12. Cathy: Yes, I did. I was privileged to have Fr. Mullady as my Moral Theology professor.
    Congratulations on your new child!

  13. Father,
    He is quite the professor, they say.
    I was an RCIA sponsor for my daughter's birth mother, and
    Father was CONSTANTLY using Father Mullady's writings for instruction. (It was a really, really good class.)

    Thank you for the congratulations, too. We're pretty sky-high about it.


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