Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fifth day of Christmas.

I can't think of anything controversial - 5 golden rings?  Cash value please.  Oh - well maybe I got something - I drank a fifth of Tequila last night.  (I'm so kidding...  or am I?)
Photo:  Woman on the beach in Malta...  Hey did Kat post Malta Monday?  I didn't think so - well here she is.  Oh I know!  If she ever moves there I hope she brings a private confessor.


  1. Maria1:33 AM

    Well, Terry, you can always saunter over to America Magazine.

  2. that picture suggest a little post coital clothing adjustment. I would think attempting something like that in a luzza would require a great amount of skill.

    as for the private confessor... I'll be taking applications.

  3. Oh Kat - she's going swimming - she has a full bathing suit underneath that lovely dress.

  4. Maria: I took your suggest and, oh boy!
    The devil never takes a holiday, no?

  5. Maria7:58 PM

    Padre: Satan is alive and well at America. It is tragic what has transpired at this once venerable weekly. I am the loyal opposition there and do battle to defend the Holy Mother Church. They wish I would go away.

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