Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fifth day of Christmas.

I can't think of anything controversial - 5 golden rings?  Cash value please.  Oh - well maybe I got something - I drank a fifth of Tequila last night.  (I'm so kidding...  or am I?)
Photo:  Woman on the beach in Malta...  Hey did Kat post Malta Monday?  I didn't think so - well here she is.  Oh I know!  If she ever moves there I hope she brings a private confessor.


  1. Maria1:33 AM

    Well, Terry, you can always saunter over to America Magazine.

  2. that picture suggest a little post coital clothing adjustment. I would think attempting something like that in a luzza would require a great amount of skill.

    as for the private confessor... I'll be taking applications.

  3. Oh Kat - she's going swimming - she has a full bathing suit underneath that lovely dress.

  4. Maria: I took your suggest and, oh boy!
    The devil never takes a holiday, no?

  5. Maria7:58 PM

    Padre: Satan is alive and well at America. It is tragic what has transpired at this once venerable weekly. I am the loyal opposition there and do battle to defend the Holy Mother Church. They wish I would go away.

  6. Mr. Terry , and Kat,
    Plainly this woman is adjusting her pile of religious medals that she wears around her neck and detangling the scapular. You always have to shove that scapular back down the blouse. Geese !


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