Monday, December 28, 2009

"Lunch under the bridge"...

That post title made me think of homeless people living under a bridge.
It's estimated that 3,000 homeless people, including kids, are sleeping in church basements, shelters and under bridges, mostly in and around downtown Minneapolis. - StarTribune
A group that assists the homeless and tries to provide a place for them to go for help is trying to raise funds for Chinese food sleeping bags and tents to help the homeless weather the winter in the downtown areas - because there is no room in the shelters.  Story here.
So.  "How was Christmas?"  I know! - I took that question from the other blog too.  You and I know  Christmas is not yet over - right?  My goodness - it is only the Fourth Day of Christmas after all... you know, four gospels calling...


  1. +JMJ+

    Your post, in turn, reminds me of the children's book The Family under the Bridge, about a homeless family that finds a new home for Christmas.

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    What's "the other blog"?

  3. No room @ the shelters?!
    Come on, Minne, you can do better than that. That's shameful.
    Turn a couple of high school gyms into shelters and that would be enough room for 3000 people.
    I know the logistics would need to be hammered out, but it's crazy for a city to say, "Okay, here's a sleeping bag. Have fun in the -15 weather. Don't die and all."


  4. 'Under the bridge'...can't we see that the poor and homeless are all around us?
    And, yes, Christmas is far from over.
    We have a lot to praise God for; we have a lot to atone for, as well.

  5. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Good stuff here:

  6. Patrick - I just saw that title on another blog.

    Cathy - that is a good suggestion - but they would have to do extensive background checks first.

    Fr. - I have much to atone for.

    Cath of Alex - cute shoulder shrug and silly smile back at ya.

    Enbethiliel - I should read it.

  7. Maria2:00 PM

    If the church does not care for the poor they will be neglected. That is the test of our faithfulness to Christ: how we relate to the poor --
    Horace McKenna SJ.

    Fr. McKenna spent his life with the poor in Washington D.C. He was known to sleep on a doormat in front of a woman's home to protect her from a man whose intentions were to physically abuse her. I ask myself: what I am I doing ? The answer pains me.

  8. Cathy, churches take in homeless families during January, which is usually the worst month. The big, giant church on the corner is one of the hosts.

    Terry, background checks of the families or the volunteers? Because the Archdiocese already requires background checks of volunteers as well as Virtus training of anyone who may come in contact with children.

    Re: sleeping under bridge, there are many homeless who have mental health issues and are paranoid due to being off their meds; the paradox is that when on meds they determine they're just fine but don't attribute being fine to taking meds so stop taking them. Merely having available indoor space won't get everyone off the streets because not all of them want to take the chance on indoor space with others.

  9. I know there are mentally ill people and various reasons to NOT go to shelters. I live in Chicago and deal with the homeless on an almost daily basis. I just cannot fathom the city of Chicago saying, "Sorry, no room at the shelters."
    It would never happen. At the very least, they'd send spare CTA buses for "warming", like they do on fire scenes, major accident scenes etc.
    I wonder how many of those 3000 are going to freeze to death?


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