Saturday, November 14, 2009

Say something nice about a priest meme.

Cathy tagged me for this meme.  This strikes me as a woman's thing - memes.  Especially in this case, the person tagged is supposed to say something nice about a priest.  To deliberately sit down and write something nice just strikes me as something too sentimental - I originally said schmaltzy.  I can't really do that. 
I know a lot of priests - really good priests - not always faithful - but always good.  What can I say? 
I am friends with some priests - although I've probably managed to offend most of them.  To pick just one priest to say something nice about him is next to impossible for me - and entirely inappropriate - they are just guys.  Although pressed, what do I love most about these guys?  That they are indeed other Christs - they have acted in persona Christi for me, time and time again.  Even in the middle of the night some have heard my confession and absolved me of sin.  At times, they gave me the Eucharist when I was even less than unworthy to receive Him.  I love priests and have the deepest respect for them, but to single one guy out and say something nice?  Not my thing.  Now if the meme asked that we write about a priest we most admire, that might be different.  "Nice" isn't my thing.
That said, there is one guy I could say a lot about, but he's dead.  Fr. Darin Didier.  A most holy priest... read about him here.
I'm not going to tag anyone for this.
Photo:  Fr. Didier

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  1. What's the difference between a faithful priest and a good priest?


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