Monday, November 09, 2009

In and Out: Howard Dances

San Francisco, Calif., Nov 6 (CNA).- Pennsylvania Catholic priest Fr. Larry Richards, aiming to clear up “gender confusion” and to challenge men to pursue holiness, has released a new book titled Be A Man: Become the Man God Created You to Be.
“Read the book. Accomplish the tasks at the end of each chapter, no matter how hard or how “hokey” you may think them to be,” Fr. Richards urged. “I guarantee that if a man commits himself to each task and challenge, in the end his life will be changed forever!”
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  1. I never did like that movie.

  2. Oh - and I miss the horse.

  3. Hi Terry - I think this is a really funny post - I get the irony. You are so funny all the time. Thanks for plugging my book.

    Yours truly,

    Fr. Larry Richards


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