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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let the holidays begin!

Today is the anniversary of my dad's burial - he died in 1991.  The anniversary more or less confirms the holidays are here - despite the fact we have no snow.  (No - I don't know what that means either.)
On my planet, the holiday's really begin on Halloween - why?  Because I worked in retail and we began merchandising Christmas right after Halloween.  So I always get nostalgic - you see, my mother also died in the month of October - then of course my brother died in December - so their deaths spark memories and inspire drama, while tempering the Bacchanal party-spirit just enough to stay out of the hospital.  Although the holiday season can be like one big emotional tilt-a-whirl ride - it's fun.  Yeah, so I'm just saying - warning actually - that posts may be stranger than normal.
But I love the season in all of it's aspects.  No - I do not do anything for Thanksgiving - I hate Thanksgiving - gosh! 
I'm okay!  I'm okay!
So anyway, readers can look forward to my grim fairy tales in the coming month before Christmas.  With my gift and craft ideas.  I will have suggestions for parties and how to start family fights wherein you still come off as 'charitable' and 'deeply concerned'.  And I will regale you with crazy but funny family stories - much in the spirit of that wonderful Christmas film, "It's A Horrible Life!"...  "Every time a siren rings, dad goes to jail again!"
I'm all verklempft now.
Don't get me wrong - I love the holidays - whatever that means.  Oh - I know, little squirrels and birds and rabbits and deer decorating that teeny-weeny fir tree in the empty lot where the K-mart was just torn down.  Now that's an Xmas card.
Happy Holidays!  Gotta love 'em!  (Do NOT drive drunk.)
Art: Death in the Rohan Hours


  1. Terry,
    I'm looking forward to your posts during these next weeks...always a source of reflection and good humour!
    Can't live 'em, can't live without 'em.
    Anyway. Keep up the good work!

  2. And, may your mom, dad, and brother rest in peace!
    It must be difficult for you in these days...know YOU, as well, are in our prayers.

  3. I think I beat you to the start of the holiday celebration this year, Terry:0)

    And, like you, for me the holiday season also starts with Halloween. I would have put on Christmas music that day on my blog, but I thought I would have been over doing it. Now I know that's not the case.

    If you ever feel depressed during the Yuletide season, check out Albert Finney's "Scrooge." It's the best musical interpretation of "A Christmas Carol" ever made.

  4. Chesterton on Thanksgiving:
    "In America, they have a feast to celebrate the arrival of the puritans. In England, we should have a feast to celebrate their departure."


  5. Terry, did you see that the Holy Father met with 250 artists in Rome today?


  6. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I am looking forward to some great posts Terry!

  7. Yeah...family, can't live with 'em...can't kill 'em.


    Happy Holidays, Ter...LOL

    I do hope you will have a wee bit of turkey on Thanksgiving, at least! Will remember you in my prayers that day!

  8. You crack me up.

    Can't wait to read your Winter Solstice post...

  9. Prayers for your parents here.

    Please post the annual Nativity tale wherein the cats do not eat the mice. You tell it to Agnes and Celine every year. I love that. It makes me very happy. Thank you and God bless you!


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