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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Homosexualist lies and deception

"Through them, the true way will be made subject to contempt." - 2 Peter 2:2
Homosexual activists love to accuse the Catholic Church of lies and deception when it comes to Catholic  teaching on homosexuality and so-called same sex marriage.  I just read a gay activist's blog post wherein he accuses the hierarchy of the Catholic Church as being a bunch of liars on this subject.  Unfortunately, such activist's deceive themselves and propagate all sorts of lies regarding the history of same sex relationships in the early Church.  Principal heroes to their cause are two soldier saints, Sergius and Bacchus, martyrs whose history is at best obscure and may be confused with other famous companion martyrs.  The cult of St. Sergius developed around his burial place in Syria, which became a source of pilgrimage.  St. Sergius' companion, St. Bacchus came to be associated with his cult, as early icons attest.
The two martyrs were high ranking officers in the Roman Army under Maximian.  They were martyred for refusing to partake in a temple ceremony for the military.  Their Acts relate how the saints were humiliated by being dressed as women and paraded through the streets to their torture and death.  Traditional legend contends they were close friends and companions.
"In the last days there will be imposters living by their godless passions."  - Jude 18
Sadly, modern revisionist scholarship, has attempted to prove their friendship was homosexual and romantic.  That is untrue.  Their friendship was Christocentric, their humiliation in martyrdom was an attempt to shame and discredit their manliness, courage and integrity.  Unfortunately, homosexualists twist these stories to suit their agenda, and through repetition, deceive people into accepting their unverifiable interpretation of ancient hagiography.  A similar situation exists with the gay cult surrounding St. Sebastian, which is based entirely upon iconography which depicts the saint as a nearly nude, handsome young man, often in a rather provocative pose suggesting bondage to modern, eroticized eyes.
While researching this subject I came across this comment regarding the platonic same sex friendship of St.s Sergius and Bacchus - I would have written the same thing here had I not read this first:
The use, or may I say abuse, of the example of Saints Sergius and Bacchus has been a propaganda tool of the Gay Movement in many churches that acknowledge or know about the early saints. The fact is, as we know, what we call “gay” in the current sense, never had currency in ancient times, not even in Greco-Roman culture.
There are many examples from early Christian times until today of two same sex individuals who had given up thought of marriage and decided to live and work together, either as monastics in seclusion or as missionary partners. Most of these, I believe, were male, but only because their stories have come down to us due to their exploits. Females living this way often lived lives of quiet charity unseen by the world, even by the church. To assert that any of these pairs (remember, Christ sent them out two by two, and such has been the way in Christian missionary work ever since) were living in anything even remotely like the modern “gay” lifestyle, is not only wishful thinking and gross anachronism, but disrespectful of the ancients concerned.
In the Desert Fathers, there is a story of a perverted monk who came to complain to one of the abbas, that a couple of monastics, living together, were “of evil life,” that is a euphemism for living in a homosexual lifestyle. The old man had the two men come and stay with him awhile, watching them, seeing how after the customary prayers they lay down side by side on their mats, and he did this for many days. He determined that there was no substance to the accusation, and it turned out that the accuser was himself guilty of the offense. It goes without saying that those who attempt to smear the paired saints of antiquity are like this perverted monk accuser. - Romanos
"These people, however, not only revile what they have no knowledge of but are corrupted through the very things they know by instinct, like brute animals." - Jude 10
 Art:  St.s Sergius and Bacchus, 13th century Crusader icon, St. Catherine's, Sinai  


  1. Spot on, Terry.
    The great tradition of Christian friendship (even Aelred of Rivieux(sp?) gets called a homosexual) between two men is not understood, at all.
    And when it is "revised" to be a homosexual union, it is even worse.
    In Christ, a man can love another man without compromising chastity or being what is termed (in our modernistic language) a "homosexual".
    The love between Christ and the Apostle John is the 'type' of what in the love of the Savior, chaste men can and do experience.
    It is, for those who need to get affirmation of their actions, just a matter of "projection" and the wish that this, is indeed, an excuse to act on disordered desire.
    The friendship/relationship between two men is nothing like a marriage; it is a looking to God together. It is truly the relationship between comrades in arms, the intimate and strong bond between two men who face the Enemy together and know that Christ is their Light.
    Thank you for this post!

  2. Thank you for your excellent comment Father!

  3. And then there's David and Jonathon, another friendship that the gay activists abrogate and abuse. It is quite shameful.

  4. Wow.

    Any thinking person can't disagree with one single word you've written. The activists will borrow whatever they can to try to bend the Church and imply a double standard.

    In the scheme of things the Roman Catholic Church has been entirely and commendably straightforward.

    For instance, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., said last week that it would scale back social service programs if the district legalized same-sex marriage. This is wonderful. No one should doubt the Church's teachings and an honest move consistent with teachings is essential to maintain the purity of the entire body.

    Activists within and ex-cathedra should really be ignored or as you've done, exposed for the utterly futile clanging gong they are. It's all quite pointless. One can only hope they just stop and move on to more productive uses of their time.

    It's like trying to light wet matches and cursing the dark. You've pointed out the error in the latter and they really ought to just quit trying the former, get up and leave.

  5. Austringer7:48 PM

    I have seen the story of the healing of the centurion's servant by Jesus used by homosexuals -- the claim is that the servant was actually the centurion's gay partner, and that by healing the servant, Jesus was giving the big "thumbs up" on gay partnerships.

  6. Austringer - I know of that one as well... which is proof that these guys are heretics.

  7. michael r.6:39 AM

    I agree with you, Terry. I think it's interesting that revisionists will go to ridiculous lenghts to try to make claim to "patron" saints for their cause. I don't believe there is any evidence that any of these individuals - Sebastian, Sergius, Aelred of Rievaulx, John Henry Newman, etc. - were anything but chaste and celibate, even though some spoke of great affection and love for another person of the same sex. I would have to concede that there is also no evidence that any of them were not homosexual. It's impossible to know. We just don't know the sexual orientation of an individual unless a person announces it, huh?

  8. Austringer10:47 AM

    One of the many, many sad side effects of our hyper-sexualized culture is that close friendship between individuals of the same gender is seen as evidence of homosexuality. With men in particular, this no doubt results in more isolation from true, supportive friendships (ahh, Satan is SO pleased!!). Another indicator I've seen of this is the reaction of some movie goers to the friendship between Frodo and Sam in the Lord of the Rings -- it just HAD to be a homosexual relationship!! Tolkien would roll over in his grave...

  9. It is sad, no tragic, that two men cannot love one another with pure and dedicated commitment, apart from the sexual, without having this horrible taq "Gay, Queer, Homo" placed upon them.
    There are many examples throughout the history of Christianity (as you so well documented) of two men who loved one another in Christ but were not unchaste.
    The confusion, I believe, is that the very "passionate", if you will,
    in the very best sense, nature of this love is mistaken for romantic love.
    But we are humans after all. God gave us the capacity to love not just with our wills or intellects but with our emotions.
    As long as this is disciplined and kept within God's Law, how can anyone think this is anything but God's Love?


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