Monday, November 16, 2009

Sarah Palin on Oprah

Alaskan whine.
The woman makes no sense - Sarah Palin I mean - we already know Oprah's deal... 
Palin's memoir, Going Rogue promises to be about as riveting as Vana Speaks.


  1. Do you really think she's out of it? I think the pristine persona she surfaced with when initially selected by McCain for VP has suffered. If not from her own mistakes, then to a lesser extent from her daughter's misaligned relationship with her ex.

    And now (I heard) he's posing nude for some magazine.

  2. Terry - I have no idea of why you feel like you do - but I support your right to be wrong, ummmmmm - I mean have your own opinion.

    I just finished watching her on Oprah and I thought she comported herself with perfect dignity and grace. She was charming...

  3. I'm sure it is just me.

  4. Aceman13310:34 AM

    I watched, not sure why, but I did, and I never watch Oprah. All I could do is shake my head.
    But...if she doesn't want Levi to come for Thanksgiving, he's welcome at my table.

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  6. I don't know anything about Levi and do not care.

    I thought Oprah was very cordial to Palin and not at all rude.

    Must be a woman's thing.

  7. Sorry Tom - I don't know if she is out of it - but she strikes me as rather shallow.

  8. I hate saying this but sometimes I think everyone that loves Sarah is kinda like in love with her because she is so gorgeous.

  9. Yeah, she is "easy on the eyes" gorgeous.
    But there is something sincere about her.
    I have to give her a lot of credit for accepting her last child with disabilities with such generosity and love (contrary to what the creep Levi may say about her).
    I'm not so savvy on this politics thing.
    But the attacks against her, esp. from the femi-nazis (sorry, gals)
    who ordinarily would be upholding her right to speak her mind, just get under my skin...hypocrisy...she doesn't tow the abortion rights line.
    As for being President?
    I have no idea.
    But she has a right to be heard and right to defend herself; especially against the media wolves who are ready to rip her apart.

  10. Terry.
    Please try to remember that much of what we think we know about Palin has been broadcast to us through the left-wing, anti-Christian lamestream media.
    We'll come to understand a lot more about her in the next couple of years.


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