Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Out of Africa

The Christian resistance to Western Cultural Imperialism.
"Africa must protect itself from the contamination of intellectual cynicism in the West.  It is our pastoral responsibility to enlighten African consciences about the threats of this lethal ideology."  - Archbishop Sarah, Secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. 
The Archbishop issued this warning during the African Synod in Rome last month.  Thankfully the African Bishops are keenly aware  of the new Western cultural imperialism which demands conversion to insidious ideological conditions.  Recall how contemporary historians condemn earlier eras of Christian missionary activity in similar terms, yet today liberal Western influence and Government agencies demand acceptance of new ideologies in exchange for humanitarian aid and support.  It is the new liberal dogmatism, the "dictatorship of relativism", as Pope Benedict has said.
"Gender theory", said Archbishop Sarah, "puts pressure on the legislator to write laws favorable to universal access to ... contraceptive and abortion services ... as well as homosexuality" as part of the concept of "reproductive health.  It places the "right to choose" as the "supreme value of this new ethic" in which "homosexuality becomes a culturally acceptable choice and access to this choice must be promoted." - Source 
Archbishop Sarah was speaking explicitly to the anti-Christian ideology of gender theory and sexual fluidity which is currently being propagated - imposed - by Western culture.  He wasn't a lone voice at the Synod by any means:  "One of the major themes of the Synod has been the denunciation of Western anti-life and anti-family programs as a new form of colonialism and "cultural imperialism" from the West, which is trying to impose a set of alien values onto African society." - Source
Another Archbishop, in an interview with NCR, explained that "the problem is very real, suggesting that Western organizations are purposely undermining traditional African values. Asked, "Is there really a Western campaign to corrupt African values?" Archbishop Palmer-Buckle replied, "We don't only suspect that there is a campaign, we think it's deliberate."
Foreign groups, said the archbishop, are not only trying to influence governments, "but they're out there corrupting the young.  I know of NGOs that are not only supplying condoms, they're also supplying lubricants for boys who want to engage in homosexual relations.  I know of NGOs that are not only supplying condoms, they're also supplying lubricants for boys who want to engage in homosexual relations."
Archbishop Palmer-Buckle said that "serious advocacy" was needed to oust these agendas. "We need to target those NGOs and those particular individuals, and tell whoever brought them in there that they're persona non grata." - Source
Is it any wonder that African nations would be on the defensive against such incursions upon the very moral foundation of society and the common good?
Art:  Icon of Ugandan Martyrs.


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