Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Now this is a proper image of the saint.
Happy feast day to all of my Fathers - those I link to, those who link to me, those who read me, those who absolve me and feed me, those who pray for me and like me, those who don't like me, those whom I have pleased and those whom I have displeased, those who guide me and those who haven't, those who are my frineds, and those who aren't. I pray for all of you... with you and for you... I thank God for you... and I thank you.

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  1. Salutations.

    I am trying to find the Padre's sermon on living under a crucifix.

    Any help in finding it would be appreciated.

    Gave my book with it in it to a trainwreck of a girl that needed it as much as me.

    God be with you.



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