Saturday, August 08, 2009

Not much to say.

I went to Mass this evening in the neighborhood.
Not much to say...


  1. Well - here's a job for you. Pray for our pastor who is in the hospital with symptoms of stroke. So we didn't go to Mass this evening.

    Ate Mexican food instead and will go to 8 am Latin at FSSP chapel...

  2. Prayers for your pastor - you are blessed to have a FSSP chapel.

    Last evening's Mass had two baptisms - with huge families up on the altar - but before they were introduced, Fr. did the visitors intro - and that took quite awhile, then he forgot the penitential rite. At the alle-alle-alleluia song, people were swaying and dancing in place...

  3. What with the 60's and dissident-themed posting lately, I'm surprised you haven't recruited conservatives and habit-wearing religious sisters to picket the place with you!

    At least Fr. didn't interview the people being baptized! No kidding, I have seen that, albeit the child was a second-grader who, for some reason, was being baptized at the same time as my cousin's baby...

  4. The Gospel was great this week.

  5. Yep - it seems most of the crazies have finally been run off. I didn't see one baggy jumper or pair of combat boots and this is my 5th time there.

    The only people left are the fairly normal ones.

    Sheesh Terry - this is like full circle. SSPX to Novus Ordo to FSSP. It's been quite a confusing 18 or so years...

    The priest who had the stroke does a wonderful NO Mass and we can tolerate it because there is no music at 6pm. Honestly - I can't hardly stand the regular NO Masses anymore.

    AND - since I quit teaching the RE the Roman Protestants are in full dress mode. Now they want to bring in LifeTeen. How 1970's! Except the real 70's was way more fun!

  6. I went to Mass Saturday night too! No hippies, but I forgot to eat lunch and had to leave before I passed out. Very embarrassing...methinks I might have to go to another parish for a couple of weeks until they forget that crazy girl running out during Communion :-(


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