Tuesday, August 04, 2009

This is serious!

Making comments on blogs.
You can imagine how intimidating it is to solve those word puzzles and type in those word verification jobbie-things just to comment on a blog... Yeah - so now a very famous - internationally famous priest, well known even to Monsignor Ganswein and his boss, is requiring that people register or log in to make comments on his blog.
People, I can't be bothered, okay? I am so not going to jump through hoops to make comments on your blog.
You know, some of your blogs take forever even to open - you have big fricken files and I am not waiting for them to download. And if you happen to be a department store of ads - I'm not waiting for your site to open.
Well there you go.


  1. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

  2. Thank God you don't require references!

  3. He used to make me very angry, sinfully so, but now he just makes me sad.

    Also, my blog loads very quickly. I guess it really is true that it's easy to fall into sin.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  4. I never comment on that particular site. As a matter of fact I rarely go there. Can you say arrogant?

    And just exactly where do his funds come from the jet set, live in that fancy place, and eat like a king?

  5. Oh yeah - I noticed his comments went down quite a bit when he started that.

    ..........and - most of the people that comment there are arrogant, educated beyond their intelligence elitist snobs...

    I'm feeling feisty today, doncha know...

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  7. Big files are usually big photos - I think - I may be wrong.

  8. Thom - I am in a better place - no, I'm not dead.

    Adrienne - I get like that - fiesty.




  9. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Yeah, if I wanted to read that crap, I'd go to the message boards at epicurious.com.

    No thanks.

    (Epicurionism is a heresy and a sin, believe it or not. And those sillies went and named a magazine after it!)

    -The unregistered, unlogged-in Cathy

  10. Anonymous9:01 AM


    I gotta say, I agree with you about the arrogance and the funds and all the rest. Recently, there was a trip and donations were being accepted. Really? To watch a slideshow of 10 days in London at the local pub?

    I think there is some very impressive work on that site, specially in regards to the nonsense around this past election, and the ongoing exposure of dissenting Catholics. But there is simply something 'off' about the extravegance and the reaction when one disagrees on the site.

    And, is it just me, or is the tone often...bossy?


  11. Not trying to be a troll, but I like Father's blog usually. I mean, I don't get some of the long articles and don't read them all, but sometimes he's got answers I can't find in other places. I don't get the registering to comment thing though. I can't be arsed.

  12. OOH hey guess what--I just got my first troll! I don't know why s/he bothers considering that no one reads it and I barely post...but it makes me laugh. Just thought you'd appreciate. You don't have to post this comment--I just didn't know how else to message you, lol.

  13. Patrick - hats off to you for even being able to make sense of my comment what with missing words, et al

    I made one comment eons ago on that site that was not in support of the SSPX. It wasn't really bad - just that things were not that rosy with that group.

    He, and his readers, skewered me. Never made that mistake again.

    As you say, there is some pretty good content there and it is obvious he is an intelligent man, but his arrogance far outweighs and diminishes any good he may do.

    Thom - your reaction (sad) is closer to what I feel...

  14. i have nothing bad to say. Father adores me, he sang le vie en rose to me once. But then again not everyone can be as ultra fabulous as I.

  15. Hmmm...glad I'm not the only one who thinks Fr. Fabulous isn't so much, nor are his commenters.

    I once, on a social networking site, asked, "What's the big deal?" (Cres can verify this as she responded, "I was wondering when someone was going to say that!" And then she watched the ensuing vultures take pieces of me)

    I don't get it. I don't get his popularity. His commenters are people, who, if they are like that in real life, I would avoid. No one needs to deal with that much anger and angst.

    A friend of mine is a priest, and doesn't get it either. He said to me, "You open a chat room and you're never present? And people worship you? What?"


    Other priests aren't his fans, either.

    So I'll go with my gut feeling and just move away. Someday maybe I'll do a post on the cult of Father's Blog and then move on with my life. I'm sure that I'll be thrown into prison and condemned to Hell, just as I will be for thinking the same things about Obama. Both the Trads and the Libs will hate me with all their heart and soullessness.

    Oh, well. Of you're not hated then you're not really alive, anyway.

  16. Mr. Nelson, I wanted to thank you for your blog.
    There's always something interesting posted --
    I appreciate the work you've put into it.

  17. Austringer3:31 PM

    Ok, is it just me, but just whose blog is being discussed here? Can it be said?

  18. Austringer - it doesn't matter - everyone seems to think I was referring to their blog - as for the blog which requires registration that is Fr. Z.

  19. I'm continuing to pray.

    I like Epicurious.com. So there! But, I like to eat.

    (not the Cathy unregistered above)


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