Saturday, June 06, 2009

Wings crush Pens!

I wasn't able to watch the last two games in Pitts-ville, but I watched game 5 tonight and the Wings won 5-0. It dawned on me that they won because I was watching - I know! I have a huge responsibility towards that team now.


  1. Dear Terry , could you please pick 5 correct numbers, and the power ball number for the Kansas State Lottery, and I need them rather quickly...

    I will share - I promise.

  2. Terry - as a devoted Wings fan, I ask you to cancel all your Tuesday evening plans, and find someplace that is showing the game. It's on Versus, at 8:00 PM. I'll be watching too.

  3. Belinda:

    20, 6, 15, 22, 5

    Powerball: 30

  4. Terry, next game is July 45.
    Signed, a person living with rabid Pens fans :>

  5. Susan - that is so funny!


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