Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Jesus People - Episode 1

This is soooooooooo funny.
A friend sent me the link. A person from Barb Nicolosi's Act-Up - or is it Act- I ?... LOL! Something like that. Anyway, he created the sit-com, obviously inspired by The Office and maybe even Christopher Guest's work. The episodes are comic views of Christian situations. Since they are created by Christians, it really is a case of Christians making fun of themselves...... Just remember, it's comedy.

My friend included this in her email: "when you've lived in Steubenville for any length of time, you'll find them very funny."

I have never lived in Steubenville - I visited - but the video is funny without the Steubenville exxperience.


  1. The young guy in black reminds me of Josh Duggar LOL!!!

  2. Terry,

    Of course, I know Jesus - He is huge!

    OMG, this is funney! I sent the link to my priest who is on retreat now in Palm Springs with the rest of the guys from the Diocese of Orange.

  3. I thought that this was a series.

    They are pretty funny. There is a lot of this protestant stuff around.


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