Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cute remarks.

"Church is about forgiveness." - Source
Yeah - but first comes repentance and conversion Cutie.


  1. "The spirit of God has been with me," he said. "And I'm going to tell you something: God is the only one we follow."

    What a joke! He has a "spirit" but it's not God's he's following--it's his own lusts--his own true god he's following is himself!

  2. I hope Fr. Oprah stays longer with his girlfriend (wife?) than he stayed with the Catholic faith. Hopefully he will be forgiving at that time too.

  3. You forgot to add 'Peace' at the end of your post.


  4. You wrote.....
    Yeah - but first comes repentance and conversion Cutie

    I would add ....
    and dying to self. Parents do this every day. So do spouses. Father took a vow to make sacrafices for God. Cutie should not have let his relationship with that woman get this far. He doesn't have any sense of boundries , and from the beginning.

    Christians always forget about the justice of God. God hates sin, and to say well I am forgiven ,and what I have done was to follow my heart is simply foolishness.

    Their sins are greater than what they are letting on ... they were too cozy to appear to have had a sexless relationship, and with sex in an unmarried situation that would require protection.(the worlds view- not mine) Their sins began to multiply. This man is in big trouble. I think that this couple will end up miserable together. It probably wasn't what God had intended....

    I keep thinking of the Prince, and Mrs. Wallace Simpson....


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