Thursday, June 04, 2009


“The hostility of the perverse sounds like praise for our life because it shows that we are an annoyance to those who do not love God; no one can be pleasing to God and to God’s enemies at the same time. He who seeks to please those who oppose God is no friend of God; and he who submits himself to the truth will fight against those who strive against the truth.” Pope St. Gregory the Great, In Ezechielem homiliae, 9. - Source


  1. "we are an annoyance to those who do not love God"


    The Big G is still annoying them, all these centuries later. They can't stand it that he knew and taught the truth. Or that as pope he was the head of the Church. Or that there is a Church. Or truth. Or God.

    Terry, you find the best dang quotes!

  2. I notice the caveat: he who submits himself to the truth.

    That says a million things!
    What a fantastic quote.

  3. I got the quote from Roman Catholic blog - he always has great posts.

  4. Hi Terry I'm moved again!

  5. You have a habit of posting the right words at the right time, you know that?


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