Monday, June 22, 2009

Existential anxiety...

I believe it is a very real phenomenon.


  1. I believe existential anxiety is a spiritual necessity-- toward true faith initially, but also whenever we later lose that sense of oneness with Him. Existential anxiety is a Mercy, a Nudge, from the Hound of Heaven. If God is for us...
    (and He is).

    So. We'll take care of His priests, and His priests will take care of us. We always forget there is hell to pay in all that, for all of us.. Our attacks will often or always seem an unrelated woe. They aren't. And God doesn't lose awareness of even His sparrows, right?

  2. Carol - you are right.

    My post here was simply a musing on a mood yesterday - I can get rather morose at times. I also like to make fun of existentialism sometimes - it was all the rage when I was in my early 20's you know. It helped to define an otherwise aimless, meaningless youth. LOL!

  3. Whew. Good. I'm afraid I'm not only a little slow on the uptake --I'm also as reactive (serious) as an Irishwoman who just left Mass. As I was yesterday, when I didn't realize my (first--and last) hibachi chef who had just oiled the grill's enormous surface at our table was going to set it afire. With me, it's not knee-jerk..more like ass over teakettle backwards onto the floor. When I re-seated myself amid patrons' guffaws, the expressionless Japanese chef said, "Yo' first time heah?" I guess bloggers should ask me the same!

    I'm glad you're ok. I like you. A lot.

  4. Thanks very much Carol. This weekend was the memorial of a friend's death - which explains my mood.


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