Thursday, March 12, 2009

Expensive Decadence: Haute Couture Trash Art

Alexander McQueen
Le costume parisiens it is not. It is simply burlesque. A misogynist's trick. At best, a Lindner-esque performance-art parody on the fashion industry. Women in Ronald McDonald lips, eyes wide shut, with way too much money. More photos here.


  1. I'm running out to buy them today--NOT!

  2. +JMJ+

    Forget the emperor who had on no clothes! These new clothes would be better off invisible--but is anyone in the world of haute couture daring to speak up?

  3. when an artist lacks creativity and legitimate talent the grotesque is forced on the viewer... this is a parody of couture, at best . But it just looks like a designer who ran out of ideas and just went the absurd route.

  4. I so love the top photo. LOL!

  5. I should wear that hat at Pentecost!


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